i love weddings

Two weeks ago this Friday my beautiful sister-in-law got married. It was an absolutely beautiful day and she was a stunning bride. You couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming love while watching the two of them commit their lives to each other and then get caught up in the joy and laughter as we watched them celebrate all night long. It was beautiful to watch and so fun to be a part of. While I did have my camera with me, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t, I wasn’t able to shoot the wedding like I normally would have- being a part of the wedding party and having a 7 week old who was still nursing every two hours seriously cut into my photography time. Darn that sweet, sweet baby! That being said, I still managed to take a handful and I apologize for the ridiculous amount of photos I am about to post. It was a fantastic day and a wonderful start to their journey. Congrats you guys I love you both!


Holly and Charlie

Mom and her kids

the best ushers!

the scene is all set

first look with Dad

cutest ring bearer!!

Charlie Tuna

Charlie Tuna



beautiful bride

beautiful bride

silly girl

waiting patiently

tiny wedding date

sweet fellas

Daddy Daughter dance


Grandma and Mimi

dancing girl

last dance


happily ever after

happily ever after

more Canada- picnic in the mountains

The day after my Mom, brother and sister-in-law flew in everyone headed to the mountains (well not really the mountains but the foothills rather) for a picnic and wiener roast.  It was a beautiful day outside- perfect for jeans and t-shirts :-)  We were able to grab a great spot next to the river with a beautiful view.  Jay loved tossing rocks into the river, something he doesn’t have much of a chance to do in Florida, so we spent lots of time down by the river.  We were also able to take a short hike, roast marshmallows and we stopped for ice cream on the way home.   This has always been one of my favorite things to do whenever we visit, I just wish that we were closer and could do it more often…

Bradey taking a turn tossing rocks
even Grandma tossed a few rocks in too

my cousin Riley enjoying the river water, he basically swam a little later in the afternoon while we were hiking
family photo- that is one happy boy!
Jake- one happy puppy... wish Piper could have joined us, she would have had a ball
wiener and marshmallow roasting
Amy, Auntie Deb and Auntie Trish at the beginning of our short hike

Auntie Trish and Jay
Frannie :)
sweet boy
some scenery
more rock tossing (can you see the splash?)

love these next two
LOVE this one!
the whole group
Jay and Bradey riding on a horse at our post picnic ice cream stop. The ride wasn't actually working but Jay loved it just the same.
racing some of the ice cream energy off
a dancing Bradey

the first of the beach photos

Last Sunday (father’s day) Jamie, Jay and I headed down to Blue Waters Beach Club, a beachfront motel on Anna Maria Island, to spend the week with his family.  A week at the beach was a long standing tradition with the Vickers Clan who sat sea side year after year and while they took a break for a few years (10 to be exact) it was such a nice tradition to resume.  Everyone had a wonderful time, enjoying lazy mornings on the beach and in the waves, early afternoons in the shade, dips in the pool before supper, plenty of family meals, amazing sunsets and great conversations long into the night.

We have so many photos from our trip (surprise, surprise) I am not really sure where to even start!  So in an effort to not overwhelm anyone I think I will probably break it out into a few post- you’re welcome, I know you were thinking it ;)

Here you go with the first batch…

Maggie and her supply of floats
Jamie and Jay walking in the sand for the first time on the trip
Aunt Nicole, who I think was taking at photo of Jay- love her expression in this one
playing in the sand
Uncle Bob- the unofficial photographer
testing out the waves
group photo
I know that is not a great group photo but it cracks me up every time I see it, I love everyones expressions!
ice cream time
Jay was interested in sharing with anyone who had a spoon

Aunt Nicole relaxing in the shade of her hat
Jay and Mimi
Grandpa enjoying the shade
Jamie and Sean playing football- you can see the hotel in the background of the shot
building castles in the sand
the amazing super large tent, also known as the BAT
Aunt Holly the great
Jay with Pepere's hat
Jay trying out Aunt Nicole's hat
Pepere's splash art foot- can you see a heart?
a little boy who loves frisbee
coming in for the day
one tired little boy and his Daddy
Mama really enjoying the snuggle time

party mugs

LOVE is what I have for these photo booth pictures!  I am so happy we ended up doing the photo booth and after taking a look at these I am sure you can probably see why, they are so much fun :-)

By the way, this would be a great post to use the new “slideshow-ish” feature if you wanted- there is a crazy amount of pictures since I couldn’t narrow them down at all.  Just click on the first image below and take a look!

2010 in pictures

2010 has been a blessed and wonderful year for us.  However, I am super excited to see all that 2011 has in store for us!  Happy New Year Everyone!

January- We waited around, finished up last minute baby preparations and welcomed James Vickers Perreault Jr to our family.

February- We celebrated Valentines Day with our little love bug, enjoyed the Olympics, cuddled a lot and didn’t get much sleep.

March- We had visitors from Cananda (Great Grandma and Great Auntie Deb) and Asheville (Aunt Nicole), we spent a lot of time outside enjoying the weather and Daddy went back to work part time.

April- We celebrated Jay’s first Easter and Earth Day and we started sleeping through the night frequently.

May- We celebrated our first Mother’s Day, Jay laughed and rolled over for the first time, he met some more of his cousins (Mary Beth and Sean) and we took our first swim.

June- We celebrated our first Father’s Day, Jay started sitting up on his own and eating solid foods and we had another visit from Aunt Nicole.

July- We celebrated Canada Day, the Fourth of July, Jay’s baptism and Mom’s 28th birthday.

August- We sat in grass for the first time without a blanket, we enjoyed some really nice afternoons outside and we started scooting around on our belly.

September- We started going to the Library Storytime, planted our first garden, played at the park in the swings a lot, began crawling and we took our first trip to Terra Ceia.

October- Our little Jay Bird got his first set of wings, we ate our fill for Canadian Thanksgiving and we celebrated Daddy’s 30th birthday.

November- We (Jamie and I) celebrated 5 years of knowing each other, we hung out in the hammock a whole lot and we cruised to the Bahamas and Key West.

December- We decorated our house for the holidays, we (Kristen) baked a ton and we celebrated the holidays with tons of family.


is what I am today!  I thought  that today was simply going to be wonderful since my dear husband was home from work, we got to sleep in a little bit and we were going to have lunch with Grandpa.  Little did I know what those two had up their sleeves…

Let me preface this by saying that my husband is pretty horrible at secret keeping; he can do it but don’t ask him to do it for long and he better know that he can tell at some point.  So I am going to give him some serious credit for keeping this surprise under wraps! What is the surprise you might ask?  Well my lunch guys- aka Jamie and Grandpa- very subtly told me that my new oven was going to be delivered this afternoon.  Um excuse me?  My new what??  I know that the picture Grandpa gave me shows a brand new Kenmore stove/oven (not sure which is the real technical name so I am just going to use them both) but honestly they couldn’t be serious right?  They were super duper serious and I am pretty sure that it took a good five or so minutes to really sink in that I was getting a new oven.

Before I go any further let me explain just how monumental a new oven is.  I LOVE to bake, I mean really love to bake.  Not sure you believe me?  Check here, here or here or let me tell you that since last Friday I have baked over 350 cookies… believe me now?  I love to bake, it’s a release and also one way I recharge.  That being said, I have strongly disliked (I won’t say hate since that’s a strong word and it has put food on our table for a good 3 years) our oven since we moved into our house.  The rest of the house- great, the kitchen- wonderful, the oven- not so much.  The burners can be tricky but worst of all only one, yup just ONE cookie sheet would fit in the oven at a time- this oven was small!  You see my problem?  If not re-read a bit… 350 cookies baked in less than a week- do the math and I am sure the problem will come to you.

So getting a new oven is huge, I mean really huge!  It was delivered this afternoon and already I am in love, I might be able to fit in it if I tried- but I won’t, I’ll just leave you the visual.  Aren’t my lunch guys sweet?  They are so thoughtful and I am so grateful!

here it is-it's wonderful! and yup those are my pink polka dot slippers you can see in the oven window :-)

The only question now is what to make first…

lunch with Grandpa

Today is lunch day with Grandpa- yahoo!!

Before Jamie and I got married and until he had to work from the office more regularly, Jamie had lunch at least once a week with his Grandpa.  I remember distinctly the first lunch I was able to be included in, they arranged to have lunch on a day that I had off from school, which was sweet on both of their parts.  It was such a treat to be included and I have enjoyed these lunch dates ever since! Lately, it has become more difficult to schedule these lunches since Jamie has been working from the office; however we still manage to fit them in when we can and we enjoy every minute of the ones we get :-)

this was taken after a lunch where Grandma joined us too

minus the fireworks…

Jamie, Jay and I had a wonderful 4th of July.  We spent our day sleeping-in a little (not because Jay slept longer- he was up at 5 and again at 7, so we all crawled in for his first nap of the day), we went for a walk with the two dogs after getting up, it was hot but enjoyable with a stop at Grandpa and Grandma’s house and we finished the day with a cook-out at our place.  Jamie grilled burgers and dogs and we had corn, watermelon and crust-less cheesecake for dessert with peaches and blueberries-yum!!

We are headed to bed now to get some shut eye with hopes that the dogs and Jay can sleep through all of the fireworks, maybe we’ll enjoy those with Jay next year… Goodnight and happy 4th!

a great group shot of the supper crew before we filled our bellies :-)

By the way… Jay was wearing a super cute “first 4th of July” outfit; however, he decided to spring a leak on it before we could get any pictures of him in it.  Maybe I will grab some of him in it tomorrow, just to show that it was worn.