today i am… 12 months

Remy- 1 year

Remy 1 year

Remy 1 year

Remy 1 year

Remy 1 year

Remy 1 year

1 year old!!!

It’s crazy and I can hardly believe that a year has passed since this ridiculously sweet and smily boy joined our family. He is such a welcomed addition to our family and I can’t imagine life without him in it.

Teeth- 6, 4 on the top front, 2 on the bottom. No sign of anymore at this point but I am sure they will come around at some point

Things of Note:

*Sleepin- Remy is sleeping like a champ!! He joined his brothers in the barracks in December (shortly before Christmas) and has been doing wonderfully!! I hate that I don’t get a few minutes to myself with him before bed but I do really like not sleeping with the sound machine ;) He goes to sleep with all four of the boys and wakes up when they do. Most mornings he will play nicely in his crib until we come and get him. Occasionally he has some visitors (even though they know they aren’t allowed in there!) He still also takes two naps, occasionally when he has to his first nap is in the car during school pick up but almost every afternoon he sleeps for a good few hours.

*Walking- Remy has been walking for close to a month now. He took his first unassisted steps on while in the foyer. We was standing and decided to walk between Mommy and Daddy. I took a little longer to believe that he was actually walking but there is certainly no denying that he is full on walking no! He is on the move, chooses to walk over crawling EVERY time and is now perfecting the fast walking. I LOVE it!! New walkers are exhausting but so ridiculously cute!

*Eating- Remy loves to eat. Some nights he packs away more food than his older brothers. He isn’t terribly picky although he never took to baby purees. He will eat a few if they are cold but he much prefers to feed himself. He drinks form a soppy cup but only water. The only two liquids he’s ever had are water and breast milk and he never took a bottle. He still nurses about 5 times a day (including first thing in the morning and before bed) and doesn’t seem like he will give that up soon.

*He isn’t taking yet although he does babble Momma and Dada from time to time and something that resembles Jay.


Playing in the dog/cat water- Piper’s food bowls are in the kitchen and Remy LOVES playing in the water. The dish is on a stand so it comes up to about his waist and makes for an excellent water table. If you can’t find him you can almost bet that he’s crawled/walked his way over to the dish. Also, when you catch him he starts shaking his head “no” since he has seen that response a half dozen times ;)

Blueberries and Popsicles are probably his favorite foods right now. He gobbles them up at speeds that are pretty astonishing. We can load his tray full of food at supper barley sit down ourselves and he will have cleaned it completely.

*Sitting in things like a cat- He will climb in just about an box like object- empty packing box, laundry basket, his push wagon with four sides. You name it, if he fits he sits ;)

*His dog and giraffe lovies- He has two small blankets that have animal heads attached to them (they don’t look as hideous at that description makes them sound) that he sleeps with. He turns them over until he finds the tag, plays with that and pops his thumb in his mouth. It’s super sweet and although both Charlie and Luc had these blankets neither one of them attached to them the way he has. You can find them in various places around the house because he will get them from his crib and carry them around with him.

*Baths- He loves the bath and water at bath time. Frequently, I have to tell Jamie that it’s time to cut him off and put him to bed. He would play all night in there if we let him.

*Being Outside- He loves the outdoors and watching his brothers bike/scooter and play on the fort. He cries if some of his brothers head out and he can’t go with them.

*Long objects to carry around- play spoons, a small 8″ lightsaber pool toy. He likes long thin toys that are easy for him to walk around with.

*Books!!! He LOVES books. Loves pulling them off of the shelves, putting them back on, flipping through the pages and looking at photos or being read to. You name it, if it involves a book, he loves it.


*Being thrown in the air- He is a cautious kiddo and loves to be securely tucked on your hip or moving on his own accord. Being thrown in the air does not fit in either category!

*Sitting still for too long! He is constantly on the move and while he doesn’t mind being held he gets to the point that he wants to move and would like to be put down so he can walk on his own.

*Being put down when he isn’t ready to be put down. Sweet boy will puddle, fold right in half and cry, if he gets put down before he is ready. He’s our first to puddle and I am worried about what that means for us at three, a puddler plus the threenager attitude- yikes!

*Being hungry- He’s not the happiest when he’s hungry but can you blame him? He doesn’t get full on angry but he does get clingy which makes supper time difficult.

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