happy birthday sweet boy!

1 day new!

Remy- 1 year old

My Dearest Remy,

Today has been bitter sweet for me; you’re one, my baby is one! I’ve done this three times before but it doesn’t get any easier with the repetition. I LOVE watching you and your brothers grow and learn, discover new things and turn into the person that you are always going to be; but with each passing day and each accomplished milestone it’s hard not to long for time to slow down. I miss those slow cuddly days when you were tiny. However, since that won’t happen I will enjoy the cuddles when I get them and enjoy each of your many accomplishments as they come. You have firmly and sweetly rooted yourself into my heart and I don’t know that I will ever be able to describe just how much you mean to me but I will try.

Joy is one word that most accurately describes you sweet boy. You spread joy with your constant smile and easy going nature and find joy in everything you do. You, for the most part, are SUCH an easy baby. You sleep well, you play on your own or with your brothers and you enjoy just taking everything in. You are constantly pointing lately, showing us things that you are interested in and just pointing to point. You go with the flow when we are picking up and dropping off your brothers and you sit sweetly with me while I volunteer in your big brothers’ classrooms. You love seeing the older kiddos and you smile without complaint while we help out. You love on the kitties and Piper constantly, giving them kisses and hugs and (mostly) gentle pets. You are sweet and content but also such a trouble maker all at the same time. You are constantly stealing away to play in the dog’s water or push the battery back-up buttons over and over again. You, for the most part, know that you aren’t supposed to be doing those things and while you are walking in the direction of trouble you shake your head no. It’s cute and exhausting all at the same time! I keep telling your Daddy that I can’t get anything done right now because you are into everything! Unpacking the cupboards, pulling the folded laundry out of the baskets while they wait to be put away, pulling all of the books off of the shelves and the toys out of the bins; I can hardly keep up kiddo!! However, you do all of your mischief making with the sweetest of smiles and occasionally, giggles. I love the sound of your laugh. You belly laugh at your brothers when they are silly, while playing peek-a-boo or when we tickle your sweet little toes. You also have this sweet excited laugh when you know something you want is coming- food, nursing with Momma or when we start getting ready for afternoon naps. I love the sound, it’s full of anticipation and joy, and hope I don’t ever forget it. You are cautious and daring at the same point, not wanting to be tossed up in the air by Daddy but climbing the chair, shelf etc. You’re a mess of contradictions but I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. You are so perfectly and wonderfully made.

I am constantly amazed by you and you make me proud to be your Momma. I can’t wait to see the silly things that you will do, meet the sweet friends that you will make and watch all that you will accomplish. I know it’s impossible to know just how far you’ll reach or the lives that you will touch along the way but I am sure it will be far and many. Thank you for taking Daddy and me along for the ride; we can’t help but love the journey!!

I love you sweet boy more than I ever thought possible and that was a whole awful lot! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!


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