letter to my 7 year old

Jay Bird- 7 years old

Jay Bird,

Last Friday you were seven. You got up, read through some stories (on your own!!), got dressed like a 100 year old man for school, ate cinnamon rolls (affectionately named birthday breakfast in our house) and gave me a smirk while we sang to you and I took pictures. A smirk, kiddo, a smirk and it just about killed me. I’ve seen it a few times lately; it’s a half smile to show that you are still acknowledging me but it’s the smile of an older boy. It’s the start of the “cool” older kid attitude, the full release of the baby/toddler and little kid you were once were. You are growing before my eyes sweet boy. You are growing out of your clothing seemingly overnight, you are almost just a foot shorter than I am and can’t get enough to eat at the supper table, constantly asking what else you can have. You don’t stop moving, EVER, unless your head hits the pillow and you are a sleep for the night or there is a book in your hands or your being read to you. This last year your reading skills have grown in leaps and bounds and lately we can’t seem to have enough books around the house because you devour them! I frequently find you around the house with your nose stuck in the middle of one, turning page after page until you find a spot to stop and tell me about what you read. You aren’t disturbed by your loud brothers but rather tucked away in your own little world. If they do happen to bother you, you simply move to another spot nose still firmly routed in the pages of your book and settle back in. You read chapter books, pictures books, magazines, street signs, food labels etc you name it, you read it! I love watching you discover these new things you are constantly learning and soaking up everything around you like a sponge. You want to know about everything. How it works, what it does, where it lives etc. One of the things Mrs Behl, your first grade teacher says about you, is that she loves how you LOVE to learn. Your Daddy does too, I see so much of him in you because of this.

I wish it was possible to bottle your energy though sweet boy. When I say you start moving as soon as your feet hit the floor it’s no exaggeration. You run, walk, jump everywhere you go. You are constantly running and falling while playing out back and racing to see how fast you can go. The constant movement has taken a little getting used to and even then it’s occasionally hard to not be overwhelmed by it. You pace while you talk; circling the trunk while you tell me about your day, or walking back and forth while telling me a story. Even while reading with us at night you fidget. You sit on your hands to begin with but it usually doesn’t last long, they pop out not after too long we start and you pick at the pillows or fingers or sometimes even play with your belly button. Reading with you at night has been one of my favorite things to do lately. I LOVED reading Harry Potter with you! I loved seeing the story come to life in your eyes and the excitement of the wizardry and magic as you turn the story over and over in your head. I was sad that we finished the book but am looking forward already to reading the next one with you. We still haven’t decided what we will pick up next, maybe The Chronicles of Narnia, whatever we choose I hope you enjoy it just as much.

Jay Bird, I will call you that probably for as long as I am around so get used to it ;), I adore the person you are becoming. The inquisitive learner, the rambunctious boy, the dotting older brother, the kind friend, the giver of ridiculously large hugs. You are so many things sweet boy and all of them are so wonderful. You love BIG sweet boy and with your whole heart, you enjoy the world and things around you and I seriously can’t wait to see what you continue to do with all of this. I love you more than I ever thought possible and am incredible grateful to be on this journey with you, thanks for taking me along!

Happy Birthday Bird!!! I love you!!!!

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