blue waters- beach time

Here’s the second installment of photos- the beach. We spent almost every morning on the beach playing in the beautiful water and sand. It was glorious and these photos don’t really do it any justice.

water baby

daddy and his boys


Charlie LOVED standing in the crashing waves and almost getting knocked over.
thrilled charlie

on a few of the days Charlie took it upon himself to nap while in the ocean
sleeping Charlie

birthday sharers

Josh and Charlie

Mommy and Charlie

happy couple

uncle bob doing what he does best

uncle mark and his guys

november boys

all 5 of the coopers

aunt holly the great and her kiddos

maggie and kenny

shade from the BAT

mimi and jay making drip castles

cuddly boy, who's almost asleep again


the square hole

kite flying

even at the beach there are cars

sand play

jay waist deep in sand

fort building

more car playing

two boys in a hole

christmas 2011 recap

The holidays this year were filled with many different things…  Time to relax and enjoy playing with the boys, time to start “new” traditions and to introduce the boys to old ones. Time to cherish with family that we don’t get to see very often and time to hang out with friends that live far away.  Honestly we got to spend a whole bunch of time appreciating what is really important and spending time surrounded by people that we love; to say that we are blessed would be an understatement.

goofing around with mom
jamie relaxing
festive playtime with duplo- and no I did not make him wear the Christmas tree headband. he would frequently put them on and wear them around the house :)

Jay Bird at the sing a long playing frosty the snowman with Mary Beth
decorating cookies for the neighbors

quality control
christmas eve photo
"santa" setting up Jay's duplo table

the boys' stockings after santa came :)
holiday jammies
bed head and new toys
helping charlie with his books

jay getting michael to draw for him

mary beth and charlie

mom, ed and the boys
group shot of my family
snuggling with auntie frannie

more Canada- picnic in the mountains

The day after my Mom, brother and sister-in-law flew in everyone headed to the mountains (well not really the mountains but the foothills rather) for a picnic and wiener roast.  It was a beautiful day outside- perfect for jeans and t-shirts :-)  We were able to grab a great spot next to the river with a beautiful view.  Jay loved tossing rocks into the river, something he doesn’t have much of a chance to do in Florida, so we spent lots of time down by the river.  We were also able to take a short hike, roast marshmallows and we stopped for ice cream on the way home.   This has always been one of my favorite things to do whenever we visit, I just wish that we were closer and could do it more often…

Bradey taking a turn tossing rocks
even Grandma tossed a few rocks in too

my cousin Riley enjoying the river water, he basically swam a little later in the afternoon while we were hiking
family photo- that is one happy boy!
Jake- one happy puppy... wish Piper could have joined us, she would have had a ball
wiener and marshmallow roasting
Amy, Auntie Deb and Auntie Trish at the beginning of our short hike

Auntie Trish and Jay
Frannie :)
sweet boy
some scenery
more rock tossing (can you see the splash?)

love these next two
LOVE this one!
the whole group
Jay and Bradey riding on a horse at our post picnic ice cream stop. The ride wasn't actually working but Jay loved it just the same.
racing some of the ice cream energy off
a dancing Bradey


Jamie, Jay and I had the pleasure of celebrating this wonderful lady, my maternal Grandma, while on our trip last week to Canada.  Being able to celebrate her 85th birthday, a little early, was the reason for the our trip last week and boy, oh boy was it worth it!  We had a wonderful visit, enjoyed the cooler weather that the mountains had to offer and celebrated with this amazing lady. Love you Grandma and wouldn’t have missed it for the world; we only wish we could do it more often…

p.s. for my regular readers, I promise we have not fallen off the face of the earth and that I hope to begin posting regularly again soon :)

more sand and surf

Here are a few photos from our fourth of July weekend Beach trip.  Jamie, Jay and I visited my Mom while she was staying in Jensen beach for the week.  Jay loved the playing in the sand just as much as our last trip and he got a big kick out of the larger waves and the bubbles that they produced.  It was a very nice trip and every bit as relaxing as the time before- thanks Mom for having us.

Jamie showing Jay some sea creatures
Jay wanting to touch the creature (a sand flea- gross sounding I know but they don't bite)
my boys building in the sand
sand baby
their sand creation
family shot- the sun must have been in Jay's eyes
Mom and her boyfriend Ed
monkey see, monkey do
Mommy and Jay building in the sand
getting really excited about the waves
pointing them out to Daddy
the waves and bubbles were Jay's favorite part of the ocean this trip
trying to boogie board
Grandma and Jay
my Mom (Grandma) biting the dust on the boogie board- you can't see her but you can see the board flying up in the air
a successful ride
think my kid likes the sand?
fun with Daddy
waving to the turtle Daddy made- he would wave and say "hi, tutle" over and over again to it



sun, surf and sand

While Jamie is out of town fishing with the guys Jay and I took a trip to the beach with Mom.  I can’t remember the last time I packed up and headed to the beach, maybe it was college?  Either way, the last trip I took consisted of a bunch of reading and beach dozing.  It definitely didn’t include the shear amount of sandcastle building that this trip did but I am pretty sure that I prefer it this way.  It was Jay’s first trip to see the sand and surf and while he wasn’t too sure of the waves and his sinking feet at first he really warmed up to it and had a grand time.  So much so that he didn’t even make it 5 minutes on the car ride home before passing out.

It was fun but man am I ready for bed now too!

not so sure of his sinking feet and the waves
getting knocked over by the small wave didn't help much
more toes
not a great one of the two of us but it was super bright and it's not easy to use my massive camera
lovin' it now
sand, sand everywhere
"please" more beach
building "sandcastles" with Grandma
a regular beach bun now


a very special book to share

It’s no secret around here that our little Jay Bird loves a good book.  He will crawl up into almost anyone’s lap, book in hand and sign “please” practically begging you to read to him.  I challenge you to try and say no to his sweet little face; I simply don’t think it’s possible.

A little more than a month ago I ordered a very special book for Jay to share with all of our friends and family.  Little by little, he crawled into each of their laps and had them read to him.  Why is this book, “Things I Love…” so special you ask? Well, the end of this book marks a very exciting beginning for our family…

It reads…

But while I have loved being the number one son,

I know being a BIG BROTHER will be much more fun!!

Baby #2 due Thanksgiving 2011!!!!!!

Jamie , Jay and I are so very excited to share that this Thanksgiving we will have one more thing to be grateful for- a brand new baby, a fourth member of our family!!

And while we weren’t able to tell everyone in person I did have my camera out when we did and here are some of their reactions.  They weren’t as shocked as the ones we had when we told them about Jay but they were fun to get on camera just the same!

party mugs

LOVE is what I have for these photo booth pictures!  I am so happy we ended up doing the photo booth and after taking a look at these I am sure you can probably see why, they are so much fun :-)

By the way, this would be a great post to use the new “slideshow-ish” feature if you wanted- there is a crazy amount of pictures since I couldn’t narrow them down at all.  Just click on the first image below and take a look!

christmas catch up…

We took so many pictures over the holidays and I have been steadily trying to play catch up.  I have finally sorted through all of our holiday ones so here they are…

Sit back, relax and stay awhile :-)

Jay and Mommy playing ball with Piper
Daddy and Jay playing four square (they made a good team) at the Holly/Holly Birthday party
YAHA playing four square- one of my two favorites from the game pics
a Mimi victory dance- my other favorite
Mary Playing a solo at the annual Sing-a-long
I can't remember what song this was- maybe Josh would?
Aunt Nancy getting the Sing-a-long quilt, it was beautiful
Christmas Eve- the bows were so much fun!
beautiful tree- spoiled family
Santa came- Jay must have been good this year!
proof that Santa was here- reindeer tracks in our family room!
Christmas morning

playing with his new pull toy
Perreault Family picture- 2010
Jay's first Christmas walk around
the parade...
dancing to holiday tunes with YAHA and Mary Beth
Scott and Frannie
Daddy with a sleepy boy after his nap
Grandmom and Jay opening presents
unwrapping time!
annual holiday picture
annual goofy picture of Scott and Frannie (or at least annual for Scott)
Grandmom and Jay by the tree
trying to get a group shot
a little better this time