nothing better

There is nothing better than having a dear friend love on one of your babies like it is her own.  We don’t get to see the Knights nearly as much as I would like to since they moved home to Mississippi last May; however, when we do get to see them it feels like not even a day has gone by since we saw them last.  That in my opinion is the test of true friendship and man are we blessed because of it :)

you will be missed

Today is bitter sweet day for the Knight family is moving home to Mississippi and while I am so excited for them and everything that this move means for their family I hate, hate, hate to see them go…

I couldn’t have been more thrilled when Nan called me 4.5 years ago to tell me that they were venturing down to Florida- I was so happy that they were going to be close and it has been so wonderful to have them here!  I’ve loved watching our families grow together and am not sure that I would have made it through having a newborn without her advice and shoulder to lean on.  And while I am thrilled at all of the opportunities this move will allow them, I just wish Hattiesburg wasn’t so far away!  I guess a trip back to the ‘burg will be in my future soon!

Good Luck Nan, Jeremy and Leyton!!  I love you friends and know that you will be so, so missed!

one of the boys from our last visit together- they may not be smiling but it's pretty good considering that it was close to bedtime and they are both at least looking!
goodbye hugs all around
I know it's a little blurry (it was really late and the light was low) but this melts my heart... hugs and kisses for dear friends

party mugs

LOVE is what I have for these photo booth pictures!  I am so happy we ended up doing the photo booth and after taking a look at these I am sure you can probably see why, they are so much fun :-)

By the way, this would be a great post to use the new “slideshow-ish” feature if you wanted- there is a crazy amount of pictures since I couldn’t narrow them down at all.  Just click on the first image below and take a look!

for Nan :-)

If you noticed Nan’s comment on the last post she mentioned outtakes from our shoot- so Nan because I love ya (and I meant to put these up with the last post) here they are!

While we were taking pictures Jay was sitting on Jamie’s shoulders and while he was up there he spit up a little.  Normally this wouldn’t nearly be as funny; however, it took the spit up a good 15 minutes to seep through Jamie’s hair (it’s wild and sticks up a bunch) and reach his scalp.  When he finally realized we had almost finished taking pictures (so it was in his hair in most of the pictures) and I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to help him clean it off.

what's even funnier now is how nonchalant Jay seems to be during all of this

Oh and because I love these of Nan and her fellas, I will share them too… isn’t she great and her boys are pretty superb too!

beautiful, just beautiful!
one of the many reasons I love this girl
the knights

family pictures

I have been wanting to get some nice pictures of us as a family for some time now; you know aside from the self portrait style (which in all honestly I sometimes really love- but they have their place).  So this past Sunday Nan and her two adorable men headed over to Rollins College with us to grab a few.  My little guy wasn’t really cooperating, the ground was far more interesting than anything else around, however; Nan worked her magic and was able to grab a few that I’ll cherish forever.  Thanks friend- love you!

my favorite

man o' man do I love this guy!
might be a permanent expression on my face when this little boy gets to be mobile

love this too- my two handsome guys
the Knight family
sweet friend and the little boys
my sweet friend Nan