i love weddings

Two weeks ago this Friday my beautiful sister-in-law got married. It was an absolutely beautiful day and she was a stunning bride. You couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming love while watching the two of them commit their lives to each other and then get caught up in the joy and laughter as we watched them celebrate all night long. It was beautiful to watch and so fun to be a part of. While I did have my camera with me, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t, I wasn’t able to shoot the wedding like I normally would have- being a part of the wedding party and having a 7 week old who was still nursing every two hours seriously cut into my photography time. Darn that sweet, sweet baby! That being said, I still managed to take a handful and I apologize for the ridiculous amount of photos I am about to post. It was a fantastic day and a wonderful start to their journey. Congrats you guys I love you both!


Holly and Charlie

Mom and her kids

the best ushers!

the scene is all set

first look with Dad

cutest ring bearer!!

Charlie Tuna

Charlie Tuna



beautiful bride

beautiful bride

silly girl

waiting patiently

tiny wedding date

sweet fellas

Daddy Daughter dance


Grandma and Mimi

dancing girl

last dance


happily ever after

happily ever after

happy new year

2015 hasn’t been an easy year for our family. However, regardless of the difficulties there has always been joy. Our three boys bring smiles to our faces and laughter to our house on a daily basis and for that we are always grateful. Regardless of what 2016 brings I hope that we can always focus on what really matters, our family. Happy New Year everyone, here’s to a wonderful 2016.

2015 a year in review…

We celebrated Luc’s 1/2 birthday, Jay’s 5th Birthday, he requested a “Blue Heart cake with Flames on it”.
Lucas half birthday
Jay- 5 years old
his cake

We read books, we built a ridiculous amount of things with duplo, enjoyed the cooler weather outside and it even got cold enough one night to freeze water outside. The boys set up an “experiment” and were thrilled that some of the water froze.
duplo building
concentration tongue
our experiment

We played outside in the pool and also in the rain, we raced cars and Kristen finished her first queen sized quilt.
playing in the pool
playing in the rain
queen sized quilt

April was a crazy month. We hosted the annual Shrimp Boil which also served as George’s retirement party, Jamie got a new standing desk, we rearranged most of the office after getting the desk and created a lego area for Jamie and a sewing area for Kristen, we celebrated Easter and decorated a bunch of eggs, did a heck of a lot of lego building and Kristen finished another quilt.
George's Shrimp Boil Retirement Party
testing out Daddy's desk
Jamie's new desk
the lego area
Charlie building away
Easter Eggs
Luc decorating too

We built a bunch more lego, we swam in the pool for the first time in 2015, finished up a the school year at MSEE, Charlie got a new bike, Jay started riding a bike without training wheels and Luc got his first haircut.
playing lego
all of the boys in the pool
more swimming
Jay Bird flying fish
Charlie's new bike
Luc's first haircut

We spent a lot of time in the pool and we spent the week on Anna Maria Island with Jamie’s family.
all four boys on the beach
our boys on the beach
the whole family

We spent the week at the beach with my Mom, celebrated Luc’s 2nd Birthday, Jay’s half birthday and our 9th Wedding Anniversary.
boogie boarding with Dad
boogie boarding
enjoying a evening walk on the beach
Luc enjoying the waterI am 2!
he's 2!!

We enjoyed some time with cousins visiting from Canada, swam in the pool a WHOLE lot, Charlie started a 3 day 3’s program at MSEE and Jay started Kindergarten at Brookshire Elementary School.
pool fun with cousins
a family walk before school started
pool fun
pool fun!!
Charlie's meet the teacher
first day of school
walking to school with Dad

We adjusted to our new school schedule, took a trip to Terra Ceia and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.
hanging out
three boys in a tree

We played outside a whole lot, dressed up in both Halloween costumes and a ton of dress up clothes and we took Jay and Charlie to Disney for the first time.
playing outside
playing outside
3 Peter Pans
Peter Pan!!
frist trip to Disney
Halloween 2015

We had to say goodbye to our sweet kitty, Bella, and we celebrated Charlie’s 4th Birthday for which he requested a “mouth cake”.
saying goodbye
Charlie is 4!!
Charlie is 4!

We prepared and decorated with the Holidays, Charlie learned to ride a bike without training wheels, we took a trip to Jacksonville to celebrate Memere’s birthday and got to see a lot of family and we celebrated Christmas.
boys in PJ's
listening to Daddy play
celebrating Memere's birthday

happy new year

2013 year in review…

We played outside (in diapers and underwear since it was SO warm), Jay learned how to ride his first bike and we celebrated his 3rd Birthday!
Charlie playing outside

Jay's third birthday

Jay learning to ride his push bike

We made some updates around the house, I painted some new bedroom furniture, Jay was potty trained and Charlie really started running around.
furniture update

potty training

Charlie running- 02/2013

We enjoyed a little bit of a cold front, found out that we would be welcoming another baby boy to the family, built our super cool backyard fort and hosted the shrimp boil.
it's a boy

fort building

building a fort

We battled some a nasty cold where Charlie had to do breathing treatments, I finished Jay’s quilt, we played with cars, played outside and enjoyed our new slip and slide.
Charlie completing a breathing treatment

Jay's quilt

playing with cars

slip and slide

We celebrated Charlie’s half birthday, we grew butterflies, we played out front in our kiddie pool, started swimming again and played outside in the rain.
Charlie's half birthday


kiddie pool fun

pool fun!

playing in the rain

mud covered Charlie

Charlie got his first haircut, we took a trip to Starbucks Springs, we swam a whole lot, I painted the boys joint big boy room and we vacationed in Anna Maria Island with family.


canoeing with Daddy

the big boys shared room


Anna Maria Island

We welcomed our third beautiful baby boy, Luc, into the world, Jamie and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and I turned 31 years old.

Luc and Mommy

three boys

We spent a lot of time in the pool, the boys finished their swimming lessons and Jay started preschool 3 days a week.

swimming stud


Jay starts school

We visited with extended family while they were in town, attended Jay’s first school parade and swam some more!
Memere and Luc

Jay's school parade


ring diving


pool tricks

Jamie celebrated his 33rd birthday, worked out the kinks of our new shared sleeping arrangements and therefore battled with some very tired boys; we built a whole lot of duplo towers, made some pretty adorable Halloween costumes and battled off some terrible preschool germs.
built towers

more tower building

hanging out

sleepy Charlie

sleepy boys

sleepy Jay

Jay attended his first Florida State football game with Jamie, Charlie celebrated his 2nd birthday and we enjoyed visiting with family when they were in town visiting.
birthday boy

uncle scott and auntie frannie

perreault family

We decorated our house for the holidays, enjoyed Jay’s preschool Christmas program, took a trip to Terra Ceia and enjoyed holidays with our boys and extended families.

christmas tree

Terra Ceia
merry Christmas!

Every January as I look back at our year I can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed. We have had a wonderful 2013 and I can’t wait to see what 2014 is going to bring!

charlie’s blanket

Handmade gifts are things to treasure, things to hold dear and things to love on. This is something that our sweet Charlie knows very, very well. Over the last few months Charlie has become rather attached to his blanket; a beautiful blue hand knitted blanket made for him by Jamie’s paternal Grandma, Memere. If I look away for a minute and lose track of Charlie I can usually find him in his room pulling it out of his crib, I find it randomly all over the house these days- in the kitchen, in the office, you name it I have found it there. He loves to snuggle with it and bury his head on it and while he is sleeping or falling asleep he holds it in one hand and has his thumb in his mouth… sweet precious boy! The other day it desperately needed to be washed (after being drug through the whole house for days) so I tossed it in thinking that it would be clean and ready before his nap- man was I wrong! It was still damp so we tried putting him down with Jay’s blanket and he cried and cried until about 20 minutes later when it was dry I brought it in to him… he was fast asleep within 2 minutes of getting his blanket- stinker! I love that he loves it and I love that it was made for him by such a special person. Thank you Memere for taking the time to make such a wonderful gift- Charlie LOVES it! Oh, and Happy Birthday too ;)

I was finally able to grab a few non-phone photos of Charlie loving on his blanket (he tends to stop whatever he is doing to crawl over and see my camera- so candids can be tough) so here they are…

Coincidentally, the book he’s looking at in the next three pictures was also given to him by Memere and Great Aunt Odette

The only photo of Memere and Charlie that I can find right now. It’s from the day of his Baptism- he was SO chunky!

And a few phone photos too…┬ásame PJ’s as above different day ;)

trying to walk with his blankie wrapped around his feet

shrimp boil 2012

I am not sure how many years now the annual Shrimp Boil has been going on… I would venture a guess that Jamie has been hosting it with his Dad for a good 10 years and then George probably hosted it on his own prior to that for another 10. This is my fourth year of joining the festivities and I must say I look forward to it EVERY year! I mean what is not to like- good food, good drink and good people. What more could you ask for on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

Since having the kiddos I find myself not as “free” to shoot as much of these events as I would like (putting sleeping babies down, getting not sleeping big brothers up, etc can really eat up some time). However, I did manage to grab a few photos of the day… although none of the pouring and unfortunately very few of anyone other than family… Either way, documented or not, there were family, many great friends and a wonderful assortment of colleagues that joined us in bellying up to the table. Thanks to all that came, it was great seeing you, and for those of you who couldn’t make it- you were missed but there is always next year ;)

pretty flowers compliments of Publix… I really do love me a mason jar ;)

banana pudding bites, check out a recipe here

Pepere and Charlie- prepping the water ;)

I was trying to get a photo of me and Jay but he was way too distracted with all of the people in the backyard to smile… not even tickling really worked

Charlie hanging on the blanket

enjoying some delicious corn- purchasing it fresh was definitely the way to go!

Aunt Jamie- silly girl

Uncle Mark

Josh- by the way Jay adores him and rightfully so… he is wonderful to him, they are ‘briends’

three cheers for the chef

more cheers for more chefs…



enjoying the shade

couldn’t resist posting this one of little miss Avery- check out those baby blues!!