happy new year

2013 year in review…

We played outside (in diapers and underwear since it was SO warm), Jay learned how to ride his first bike and we celebrated his 3rd Birthday!
Charlie playing outside

Jay's third birthday

Jay learning to ride his push bike

We made some updates around the house, I painted some new bedroom furniture, Jay was potty trained and Charlie really started running around.
furniture update

potty training

Charlie running- 02/2013

We enjoyed a little bit of a cold front, found out that we would be welcoming another baby boy to the family, built our super cool backyard fort and hosted the shrimp boil.
it's a boy

fort building

building a fort

We battled some a nasty cold where Charlie had to do breathing treatments, I finished Jay’s quilt, we played with cars, played outside and enjoyed our new slip and slide.
Charlie completing a breathing treatment

Jay's quilt

playing with cars

slip and slide

We celebrated Charlie’s half birthday, we grew butterflies, we played out front in our kiddie pool, started swimming again and played outside in the rain.
Charlie's half birthday


kiddie pool fun

pool fun!

playing in the rain

mud covered Charlie

Charlie got his first haircut, we took a trip to Starbucks Springs, we swam a whole lot, I painted the boys joint big boy room and we vacationed in Anna Maria Island with family.


canoeing with Daddy

the big boys shared room


Anna Maria Island

We welcomed our third beautiful baby boy, Luc, into the world, Jamie and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and I turned 31 years old.

Luc and Mommy

three boys

We spent a lot of time in the pool, the boys finished their swimming lessons and Jay started preschool 3 days a week.

swimming stud


Jay starts school

We visited with extended family while they were in town, attended Jay’s first school parade and swam some more!
Memere and Luc

Jay's school parade


ring diving


pool tricks

Jamie celebrated his 33rd birthday, worked out the kinks of our new shared sleeping arrangements and therefore battled with some very tired boys; we built a whole lot of duplo towers, made some pretty adorable Halloween costumes and battled off some terrible preschool germs.
built towers

more tower building

hanging out

sleepy Charlie

sleepy boys

sleepy Jay

Jay attended his first Florida State football game with Jamie, Charlie celebrated his 2nd birthday and we enjoyed visiting with family when they were in town visiting.
birthday boy

uncle scott and auntie frannie

perreault family

We decorated our house for the holidays, enjoyed Jay’s preschool Christmas program, took a trip to Terra Ceia and enjoyed holidays with our boys and extended families.

christmas tree

Terra Ceia
merry Christmas!

Every January as I look back at our year I can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed. We have had a wonderful 2013 and I can’t wait to see what 2014 is going to bring!

blue waters- water skiing and tubing

This year during the beach trip we were able to take advantage of a pretty amazing boat. Jamie’s dad, Pepere, belongs to a boat club which he generally uses to have fishing boats while he is in Terra Ceia; however, while we were at the beach he rented a deck boat and the family was able to do some skiing and tubing along with other boating activities.

While I would have loved to have gone skiing or tubing I decided that I didn’t actually want to have our son while were on vacation and I played the part of photographer from the boat. I kicked myself for not having our big camera (dslr) with us but I do love the photos that we did get of everyone having fun. We even were able to give the boys a turn, riding with Daddy of course, and although their faces don’t really show it they really enjoyed themselves.

The first couple of photos are Uncle Bob’s, he took some amazing photos (with his DSLR) of Josh and Jamie skiing before I grabbed our camera. Josh has been skiing for quite awhile and this was Jamie’s second shot at it.

Josh Skiing

Josh Skiing

Jay on the boat

Kristen, Jay and Charlie on the boat

Jamie Skiing

Jamie Skiing

Uncle Bob Skiing

Maggie Skiing
maggie skiing

Aunt Holly the Great
aunt holly the great

relaxed boat riders

sean and mary beth

hanging on tight

Jamie and Charlie
Jamie and Charlie in the tube

still Charlie and Jamie

Nicole and Jeremiah
Nicole and Jeremiah

Holly and Mimi
Holly and Mary Sue

Holly and Mimi

Jamie and Jay
Jamie and Jay

Jamie and Jay in the tube

Jamie and Jay

giving the thumbs up

Jamie and Jay

Uncle Mark and Maggie

more sand and surf

Here are a few photos from our fourth of July weekend Beach trip.  Jamie, Jay and I visited my Mom while she was staying in Jensen beach for the week.  Jay loved the playing in the sand just as much as our last trip and he got a big kick out of the larger waves and the bubbles that they produced.  It was a very nice trip and every bit as relaxing as the time before- thanks Mom for having us.

Jamie showing Jay some sea creatures
Jay wanting to touch the creature (a sand flea- gross sounding I know but they don't bite)
my boys building in the sand
sand baby
their sand creation
family shot- the sun must have been in Jay's eyes
Mom and her boyfriend Ed
monkey see, monkey do
Mommy and Jay building in the sand
getting really excited about the waves
pointing them out to Daddy
the waves and bubbles were Jay's favorite part of the ocean this trip
trying to boogie board
Grandma and Jay
my Mom (Grandma) biting the dust on the boogie board- you can't see her but you can see the board flying up in the air
a successful ride
think my kid likes the sand?
fun with Daddy
waving to the turtle Daddy made- he would wave and say "hi, tutle" over and over again to it



last day, last group of photos

Shortly after dinner on our last night on the island Jay decided to march straight down to the beach. We weren’t sure what exactly he wanted to do down there but both Jamie and I followed (thankfully I grabbed our camera and Jamie was still in his bathing suit).  Jay decided to make an evening out of running up and down the beach, splashing in the waves until they were almost over his head (the reason I was thankful for Jamie still being in his bathing suit), digging holes and playing in the sand.  We let him stay up way later than we normally would have and I am so glad that we did.  We all had so much fun and I since I had the camera I got to capture some of my favorite memories from the trip.

Keep in mind that it was an impromptu beach trip, hence the huge sagging diaper that is in most of the photos.  When we knew we were staying for awhile Jamie ran up to the hotel and grabbed a swim diaper so Jay wouldn’t have to drag around an extra 5lbs for the rest of the night.

I will apologize right now for the excessive amount of photos that I am about to post. I told you that they are some of my favorites and I had a really hard time choosing just a few to post…

Jamie and Jay playing in the waves

I love my guys :)
running on the beach
more running

some paddle boarders and their puppy

Can you see the family resemblance? It's crazy to me sometimes how much they are alike!
more running with Daddy
tiny footprints
not super happy about getting knocked over by a wave
digging a hole

Daddy, Jay and their hole
deep holes are hard to climb out of

don't you just love his farmers tan?
taking a break

monkey see
monkey do!!
after-dinner beach walkers
Nicole and Jeremiah
making silly faces at the walkers
decorating Daddy- can you tell how much Daddy loves this?

splashin’ in the waves

When we were at the beach we spent a good portion of the time splashing in the relaxing waves, floating on Maggie’s endless supply of floats or playing Frisbee.  All of which I caught on camera- again, yahoo for the water camera!!

Mimi and Jay
Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy

Kenny, Aunt Holly and Maggie
love this one of Nicole!

a family shot!

this may not look like that great of a photo BUT there is a dolphin fin in the top left corner (yes, it is really small and hard to see but it's there)!!! That's what everyone was looking at...

Jay loved the Frisbee games.  He watched the first couple of games and then later on in the week he joined in with a little help from Jamie.  I wish you all could have seen his face and heard the squeals; he was having a grand time playing with everyone!

Jay's first toss
so excited to be included

Jay would get so sleepy after being out in the ocean for a while; with the rolling waves can you really blame him?  His eyes would start to get heavy and then he would rest his head on the shoulder of whomever was holding him.  One morning, mid-Frisbee game, he couldn’t resist actually falling asleep and crashed on Jamie for about 40 minutes.

getting sleepy
passed out
really, really passed out cold!

A few photos from after his nap; he woke up rather refreshed…

wearing Pepere's hat

Last but not least photos by Jay… the water camera is the only one that we really let Jay “play” with- it’s a whole lot more indestructible and far less expensive.  That being said here are a few of his masterpieces- I think we might have a budding photographer on our hands!

pool time at blue waters

Aside from lounging on the beach I am pretty sure that we spent the majority of our time hanging pool side while at Blue Waters. I think that by the end of the summer Jay might actually grow gills- seriously this little guys loves to swim! He hasn’t finished his swim lessons yet (we actually have quite a few more weeks left) but he can kick his little feet with the best of them.  Luckily Jamie thought to bring his underwater housing for our point and shoot camera so I was able to have a camera with me at all times- yea! Here are a handful of the photos that I got of people enjoying the pool.

our little fish- love how he you can see his smile in this one!
swimming to Mama
more swimming smiles
Maggie and Josh- posing underwater
even Grandpa took a dip in the pool!
Mimi and Grandpa
Maggie again :)
the steps of the pool were great for Jay; they had a big handrail and were really wide. He loved climbing in and out of the pool while we were swimming.


Jay "wearing" Daddy's sunglasses
more underwater posing
our fish swimming to the steps- and yes he actually would swim 2 or 3 feet on his own to the steps!

Jay really loved to hang out in the showers at Blue Waters, especially after he figured out how to use the foot sprayer all on his own.

shower fun

working the foot sprayer

love this one!

the first of the beach photos

Last Sunday (father’s day) Jamie, Jay and I headed down to Blue Waters Beach Club, a beachfront motel on Anna Maria Island, to spend the week with his family.  A week at the beach was a long standing tradition with the Vickers Clan who sat sea side year after year and while they took a break for a few years (10 to be exact) it was such a nice tradition to resume.  Everyone had a wonderful time, enjoying lazy mornings on the beach and in the waves, early afternoons in the shade, dips in the pool before supper, plenty of family meals, amazing sunsets and great conversations long into the night.

We have so many photos from our trip (surprise, surprise) I am not really sure where to even start!  So in an effort to not overwhelm anyone I think I will probably break it out into a few post- you’re welcome, I know you were thinking it ;)

Here you go with the first batch…

Maggie and her supply of floats
Jamie and Jay walking in the sand for the first time on the trip
Aunt Nicole, who I think was taking at photo of Jay- love her expression in this one
playing in the sand
Uncle Bob- the unofficial photographer
testing out the waves
group photo
I know that is not a great group photo but it cracks me up every time I see it, I love everyones expressions!
ice cream time
Jay was interested in sharing with anyone who had a spoon

Aunt Nicole relaxing in the shade of her hat
Jay and Mimi
Grandpa enjoying the shade
Jamie and Sean playing football- you can see the hotel in the background of the shot
building castles in the sand
the amazing super large tent, also known as the BAT
Aunt Holly the great
Jay with Pepere's hat
Jay trying out Aunt Nicole's hat
Pepere's splash art foot- can you see a heart?
a little boy who loves frisbee
coming in for the day
one tired little boy and his Daddy
Mama really enjoying the snuggle time

sneak peek

We just returned from a wonderful week at the beach.  And while the unpacking and laundry is calling I couldn’t resist posting this photo from our last night there.  Enjoy :) and I promise there will be many more to come…

sun, surf and sand

While Jamie is out of town fishing with the guys Jay and I took a trip to the beach with Mom.  I can’t remember the last time I packed up and headed to the beach, maybe it was college?  Either way, the last trip I took consisted of a bunch of reading and beach dozing.  It definitely didn’t include the shear amount of sandcastle building that this trip did but I am pretty sure that I prefer it this way.  It was Jay’s first trip to see the sand and surf and while he wasn’t too sure of the waves and his sinking feet at first he really warmed up to it and had a grand time.  So much so that he didn’t even make it 5 minutes on the car ride home before passing out.

It was fun but man am I ready for bed now too!

not so sure of his sinking feet and the waves
getting knocked over by the small wave didn't help much
more toes
not a great one of the two of us but it was super bright and it's not easy to use my massive camera
lovin' it now
sand, sand everywhere
"please" more beach
building "sandcastles" with Grandma
a regular beach bun now