is what I am today!  I thought  that today was simply going to be wonderful since my dear husband was home from work, we got to sleep in a little bit and we were going to have lunch with Grandpa.  Little did I know what those two had up their sleeves…

Let me preface this by saying that my husband is pretty horrible at secret keeping; he can do it but don’t ask him to do it for long and he better know that he can tell at some point.  So I am going to give him some serious credit for keeping this surprise under wraps! What is the surprise you might ask?  Well my lunch guys- aka Jamie and Grandpa- very subtly told me that my new oven was going to be delivered this afternoon.  Um excuse me?  My new what??  I know that the picture Grandpa gave me shows a brand new Kenmore stove/oven (not sure which is the real technical name so I am just going to use them both) but honestly they couldn’t be serious right?  They were super duper serious and I am pretty sure that it took a good five or so minutes to really sink in that I was getting a new oven.

Before I go any further let me explain just how monumental a new oven is.  I LOVE to bake, I mean really love to bake.  Not sure you believe me?  Check here, here or here or let me tell you that since last Friday I have baked over 350 cookies… believe me now?  I love to bake, it’s a release and also one way I recharge.  That being said, I have strongly disliked (I won’t say hate since that’s a strong word and it has put food on our table for a good 3 years) our oven since we moved into our house.  The rest of the house- great, the kitchen- wonderful, the oven- not so much.  The burners can be tricky but worst of all only one, yup just ONE cookie sheet would fit in the oven at a time- this oven was small!  You see my problem?  If not re-read a bit… 350 cookies baked in less than a week- do the math and I am sure the problem will come to you.

So getting a new oven is huge, I mean really huge!  It was delivered this afternoon and already I am in love, I might be able to fit in it if I tried- but I won’t, I’ll just leave you the visual.  Aren’t my lunch guys sweet?  They are so thoughtful and I am so grateful!

here it is-it's wonderful! and yup those are my pink polka dot slippers you can see in the oven window :-)

The only question now is what to make first…

3 thoughts on “spoiled…

  1. that is a beautiful new range …. can’t wait to benefit from the extra oven space :) Merry Christmas to you, jamie and jay !!


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