more from Canada- our last day

Our last day in Canada was pretty quiet but very nice for that same reason.  We headed over to my Uncle Doug’s house so that Bradey and Jay could play together.  While the boys played I headed out with a small group to do some shopping before we left to come home (I wanted to hit the roots store and the grocery store- to pick up a few fruit snacks that we can’t get here), and then everyone came over for Chinese food at the end of the day.  It was a really nice way to end our trip- simple fun and quality time with family.  Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better trip.  We loved being there, really enjoyed the time that we were able to spend with my family and left regretting that we can’t do it more often.

Here are a few photos from the boys playing together.  Bradey has a ton of really cool toys that Jay loved playing with.  The highlights were probably the two John Deere tractors that he has in the backyard.  Jay rode with Bradey, was pulled by Bradey and also took the tractor for a spin on his own.  The tractor photo is one of my favorites of Jay right now- I love his proud smile in it!!

more tractor rides

just a portion of Bradey's digger collection
an action shot of Jay driving the tractor by himself
love this one! so proud!
my second youngest cousin Amy

more from canada- dinner and games

Here’s a few more from Canada… After our zoo trip we headed out to my Auntie Trish’s house for supper. Everyone met out there, even those who didn’t go to the zoo, and we all had dinner and played bingo. It was a great night and really fun to just relax with everyone. At some point after (maybe before- I can’t remember) my Uncle Keith pulled out some remote controlled cars that my cousins had when they were little. Jay was in hog heaven watching them and playing with them!

another group shot of everyone
my cousin Riley before he left for hockey practice
my car loving kiddo
such a little ham!

more from Canada- the zoo

I know that it’s probably a little late to still be posting photographs from our Cananda trip. Especially since we have been home now for over two months; but I still have a few that I really want to share so hang in there- ok?

One of my favorite things that we did while in Calgary was go to the zoo. It’s a wonderful zoo with all kinds of animals and Jay LOVED it! It has fun kid parks, really amazing animals and Jay got to take his first ever carousel ride (which he loved). Jamie and I really enjoyed it as well, it honestly makes me jealous of Jacksonville and their zoo… By the way my personal favorite animal was the giraffe. I seriously could have stood there all day long and been pleased as punch, it might have been the playful baby that was bouncing around their area chasing birds or just that they are so majestic looking- I am not really sure but I was like a kid in a candy store and even requested we stop one more time before leaving the zoo just to see them again.

Jay using the information station as a phone- I love his expression in this photo, it is just so him right now
the baby :)
isn't it cool how close we were able to get to them?!?
we were so close- I didn't have a huge zoom lens on to take this photo
Jay loved them too
the zoo crew aside from Jamie and Auntie Marilyn who were taking the photos
Jay and Bradey, fast friends- love this one :)

Jay playing with my Auntie Deb at the park
he loved these bouncy things at the park
big kitties
a rare photo of just the two of us

Jay playing on the hill outside the place where we had lunch. He loved playing on the hills and running down them, something that we don't get to do in Florida too often.
running down the hill

fun at the park
group shot by the giraffes

more from Canada- party day

The big event for our trip was the 85th birthday party celebrating my Grandma.  It was such a wonderful event that celebrated an equally wonderful lady; we ate, caught up with family I haven’t seen for a while , watched a video that had wedding footage from when my grandparents got married, looked through old photos and just enjoyed the afternoon.  It was such a nice afternoon and I am so thankful for my Aunts and Uncle who worked so hard to make it happen, they are great!

my cousin Riley
my Grandma and two of her siblings

the birthday girl :)
my Grandma and her four children- Doug, Trish, Deb and Trudy
duplo and a few cars to keep this little one entertained
my great Aunt and cousin- Auntie Florence and Barb

Scott and Frannie- my brother and sister-in-law

Jay's first juice box :)
letting the balloons free after the party

another of my Grandma and her kids
Auntie Trish and two of her three kiddos- Amy and Riley
my Grandma and her grandkids (by birth and marriage) and great grandson

These are a couple from my Auntie Deb’s camera, I rarely get photos with me in them…

me and the birthday girl

more Canada- picnic in the mountains

The day after my Mom, brother and sister-in-law flew in everyone headed to the mountains (well not really the mountains but the foothills rather) for a picnic and wiener roast.  It was a beautiful day outside- perfect for jeans and t-shirts :-)  We were able to grab a great spot next to the river with a beautiful view.  Jay loved tossing rocks into the river, something he doesn’t have much of a chance to do in Florida, so we spent lots of time down by the river.  We were also able to take a short hike, roast marshmallows and we stopped for ice cream on the way home.   This has always been one of my favorite things to do whenever we visit, I just wish that we were closer and could do it more often…

Bradey taking a turn tossing rocks
even Grandma tossed a few rocks in too

my cousin Riley enjoying the river water, he basically swam a little later in the afternoon while we were hiking
family photo- that is one happy boy!
Jake- one happy puppy... wish Piper could have joined us, she would have had a ball
wiener and marshmallow roasting
Amy, Auntie Deb and Auntie Trish at the beginning of our short hike

Auntie Trish and Jay
Frannie :)
sweet boy
some scenery
more rock tossing (can you see the splash?)

love these next two
LOVE this one!
the whole group
Jay and Bradey riding on a horse at our post picnic ice cream stop. The ride wasn't actually working but Jay loved it just the same.
racing some of the ice cream energy off
a dancing Bradey

Canada, finally…

I usually stray away from spliting up posts into multiple days, it’s not my style or preference; however, we have quite a few photos from our trip to Canada so bear with me for the next few days while I update you on our travels…

At the beginning of this month Jamie, Jay and I made the 8+ hour trek to visit my family in Canada and to celebrate my Grandma’s 85th birthday.  I can’t lie and say that the long flight, early departure time and 19 month old didn’t make me completely and utterly nervous- it did, BUT I think I handled it as best as I could (or as best as Jamie could have hoped for).  I prepared like crazy, brought a ton of entertainment for Jay- new toys, new books, pipe cleaners, bags of blocks, bags of cars, new and special snacks, an iPad stocked with childrens’ movies, and we left with a hope and lots of prayers.  He did surprisingly well for his age; this is not to say that we didn’t get a few dirty looks from fellow travelers and have a few difficulties but we made it and really enjoyed our trip.

Most of the trip was spent hanging out with my extended family, we didn’t plan any elaborate trips to the mountains or want to see anything in particular while we were there and that is exactly what happened.  It was perfect and just what we hoped for.

I don’t have any photos from when we were actually on the plane that weren’t taken on my phone (I had no desire to haul our mega camera down from the overhead bin to capture any of it).  So enjoy the phone photos and then a few from our first couple days hanging out at my Grandma’s house.

Our first flight left so early that we just grabbed Jay out of the crib, changed his diaper and took him to the airport in his jammies.  He was wide awake from the moment that we got him up until his short nap on the plane.  He loved looking at the airplanes and even more so the trucks from the terminal.

iPhone photo from the first two flights- watching a movie on the iPad.

Jay loved playing with an old Barn that my Grandma had, he used it like a parking garage for all of his cars.  He also loved the wind-up toys that she had.  Especially the zebra that he called a Z-B :)

While my Auntie Deb was grilling we played outside on the back porch (where I had spent tons of time during the summer as a kid) with some bubbles.  It was so much fun to see Jay run and play in the yard.

a new favorite of my two guys

part of the garden that my Aunt and Grandma have... I can't count the number of things I have eaten out of there over the years

the return plane trip via iPhone…

crashing after watching part of the Cars movie
poor Jamie sat like this for the hour plus that Jay slept- both of us worried that if he moved an inch Jay would wake up...
fun with cars and painter's tape roads
Jay fell asleep on the very last flight as we were landing. He stayed that way while everyone deplaned, as Jamie moved him to be able to pick up a bag and all of the way through the airport until we got to baggage claim. We can only think of one other time he has crashed this hard- I guess the trip really wore him out!

one last photo of Jay sleeping on Jamie in the airport- taken with the big camera