i love weddings

Two weeks ago this Friday my beautiful sister-in-law got married. It was an absolutely beautiful day and she was a stunning bride. You couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming love while watching the two of them commit their lives to each other and then get caught up in the joy and laughter as we watched them celebrate all night long. It was beautiful to watch and so fun to be a part of. While I did have my camera with me, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t, I wasn’t able to shoot the wedding like I normally would have- being a part of the wedding party and having a 7 week old who was still nursing every two hours seriously cut into my photography time. Darn that sweet, sweet baby! That being said, I still managed to take a handful and I apologize for the ridiculous amount of photos I am about to post. It was a fantastic day and a wonderful start to their journey. Congrats you guys I love you both!


Holly and Charlie

Mom and her kids

the best ushers!

the scene is all set

first look with Dad

cutest ring bearer!!

Charlie Tuna

Charlie Tuna



beautiful bride

beautiful bride

silly girl

waiting patiently

tiny wedding date

sweet fellas

Daddy Daughter dance


Grandma and Mimi

dancing girl

last dance


happily ever after

happily ever after

budding photographer

Charlie the photographer

Charlie the photographer

Charlie loves taking photos on my “big camera” and I let him, with supervision of course. That thing weighs half as much as he does. And while some of the photos end up looking like this (still cute although framed in a more artistic manner)…

Charlie photos

He also gets some that look like this :)

Charlie photos

Charlie photos

**None of these photos have been cropped.

family yearbook 2012

For probably the last four years I have been saying that I want to make a family yearbook. We (mostly I) take thousands of photos each year and while I post and share a lot of them here on out little ole blog I don’t keep a physical album or print many of them. I have been wanting print versions of our photos mostly for the boys’ sake, so they can grab the books whenever they want and flip through them like I remember doing with my childhood photos.

Well each year has come and gone and each year I have not made a yearbook until now! This sweet little beauty arrived on our door step last week and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s 373 pages (and holds a fraction of the 5000+ photos, not including camera phone photos, that were taken last year) of our life and it is perfect. I designed all of the layouts myself using aperature (an apple photo program) and then printed the book through blurb. I would highly recommend blurb if you are interested in doing something like this on your own. The book is fabulous quality and even though I had to print using the standard paper (I had too many pages to upgrade to fancy paper) it looks great!

Now I just need to readjust my book margins a tad (they cropped a few pages more than I would have liked) and start working on 2013. My goal this year is to keep it up to date throughout the year instead of taking until April to finish it! I also want to include all of our phone photos. We’ll see how that goes, wish me luck!

Here’s a peek at the book but these photos don’t really do it any justice.



sample spread

sample spread

sample spread

sample spread

Jay loved looking at the book after we got it in the mail. He kept asking super cute questions about the photos, most of which he hasn’t seen since we don’t look at photos on the computer with him often.

phone photo of Jay looking at the book

ten on ten {march 2011}

One of my favorite blogs lately is Under the Sycamore (if you have time check it out, it’s simply lovely).  I check my reader a few times a day to see what’s new and I always read hers if I see something new.  So last night before heading to bed I saw that she was going to be participating in A Bit of Sunshine’s Ten on Ten project .  I looked it up to see what it was all about (very simply- take 10 pictures, one every hour on the hour, and post them on the 10th of the month) and was intrigued.  I figured I’d give it a whirl too, after all it would give me a reason to take and post some pictures within the same day (something that I haven’t had a lot of time to do lately) and maybe it might stretch my creativity a bit too.  Well it was rainy most of the day (ie the light in the house was pretty bad) and my pictures didn’t really stretch my creative side but rather chronicled my day today.  Either way, good and bad, since I took them here they are…

I am hoping to remember next month and maybe to stretch myself a little more creatively next time.  At least that’s the plan for now…

Happy almost Friday to ya!

party mugs

LOVE is what I have for these photo booth pictures!  I am so happy we ended up doing the photo booth and after taking a look at these I am sure you can probably see why, they are so much fun :-)

By the way, this would be a great post to use the new “slideshow-ish” feature if you wanted- there is a crazy amount of pictures since I couldn’t narrow them down at all.  Just click on the first image below and take a look!

the cutest helper ever!

I have had a few photo shoots recently that I have scheduled during the day while Jamie is working (it’s a great way to still keep our weekends free and get to work).  So what have I done?  I have brought with me the absolutely cutest little helper out there.  I mean really you can’t higher anyone this adorable!

keeping track of the equipment for me

I know he doesn't match, don't judge, at least the sun is off his pretty little "working" head.

By the way, he really is the best little boy when we are out shooting.  He usually just sits there watching me shoot; once he even crawled between my legs and poked his head out at the little girl I was photographing… melt my heart kiddo, seriously!

If you want to check out some of the pictures head over to my professional sitethis little one is too cute!