sun, surf and sand

While Jamie is out of town fishing with the guys Jay and I took a trip to the beach with Mom.  I can’t remember the last time I packed up and headed to the beach, maybe it was college?  Either way, the last trip I took consisted of a bunch of reading and beach dozing.  It definitely didn’t include the shear amount of sandcastle building that this trip did but I am pretty sure that I prefer it this way.  It was Jay’s first trip to see the sand and surf and while he wasn’t too sure of the waves and his sinking feet at first he really warmed up to it and had a grand time.  So much so that he didn’t even make it 5 minutes on the car ride home before passing out.

It was fun but man am I ready for bed now too!

not so sure of his sinking feet and the waves
getting knocked over by the small wave didn't help much
more toes
not a great one of the two of us but it was super bright and it's not easy to use my massive camera
lovin' it now
sand, sand everywhere
"please" more beach
building "sandcastles" with Grandma
a regular beach bun now


3 thoughts on “sun, surf and sand

  1. Great pictures. I knew Jay would love the beach, just took a little while to get used to something new! He’s cautious that way :-) Can’t wait till our week at the beach with you guys! It should be a blast.


  2. I showed these pictures to Elise (future sister-in-law and dermatologist). She approved of Jay’s sun protection. I believe her exact words were, “that is how it should be done”. Congrats.


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