catching up

There is no way that I can ever catch up on the two years that I have neglected this sweet blog of mine. But I have been drawn to it frequently over the last few months. Maybe it’s that our babies are growing up and I’m nostalgic for their tiny little selves, maybe I miss having a “real” camera in my hand instead of a phone that captures less than stellar images. I’m not exactly sure what it is or even if I will be able to keep anything up around here but I am going to try.

So, hello again world… for now at least…

And because they have grown so much, here is a pretty recent photo of our sweet little boys. Goodness I love them so :)

happy new year

2013 year in review…

We played outside (in diapers and underwear since it was SO warm), Jay learned how to ride his first bike and we celebrated his 3rd Birthday!
Charlie playing outside

Jay's third birthday

Jay learning to ride his push bike

We made some updates around the house, I painted some new bedroom furniture, Jay was potty trained and Charlie really started running around.
furniture update

potty training

Charlie running- 02/2013

We enjoyed a little bit of a cold front, found out that we would be welcoming another baby boy to the family, built our super cool backyard fort and hosted the shrimp boil.
it's a boy

fort building

building a fort

We battled some a nasty cold where Charlie had to do breathing treatments, I finished Jay’s quilt, we played with cars, played outside and enjoyed our new slip and slide.
Charlie completing a breathing treatment

Jay's quilt

playing with cars

slip and slide

We celebrated Charlie’s half birthday, we grew butterflies, we played out front in our kiddie pool, started swimming again and played outside in the rain.
Charlie's half birthday


kiddie pool fun

pool fun!

playing in the rain

mud covered Charlie

Charlie got his first haircut, we took a trip to Starbucks Springs, we swam a whole lot, I painted the boys joint big boy room and we vacationed in Anna Maria Island with family.


canoeing with Daddy

the big boys shared room


Anna Maria Island

We welcomed our third beautiful baby boy, Luc, into the world, Jamie and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and I turned 31 years old.

Luc and Mommy

three boys

We spent a lot of time in the pool, the boys finished their swimming lessons and Jay started preschool 3 days a week.

swimming stud


Jay starts school

We visited with extended family while they were in town, attended Jay’s first school parade and swam some more!
Memere and Luc

Jay's school parade


ring diving


pool tricks

Jamie celebrated his 33rd birthday, worked out the kinks of our new shared sleeping arrangements and therefore battled with some very tired boys; we built a whole lot of duplo towers, made some pretty adorable Halloween costumes and battled off some terrible preschool germs.
built towers

more tower building

hanging out

sleepy Charlie

sleepy boys

sleepy Jay

Jay attended his first Florida State football game with Jamie, Charlie celebrated his 2nd birthday and we enjoyed visiting with family when they were in town visiting.
birthday boy

uncle scott and auntie frannie

perreault family

We decorated our house for the holidays, enjoyed Jay’s preschool Christmas program, took a trip to Terra Ceia and enjoyed holidays with our boys and extended families.

christmas tree

Terra Ceia
merry Christmas!

Every January as I look back at our year I can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed. We have had a wonderful 2013 and I can’t wait to see what 2014 is going to bring!


Over the years we have had many, many visitors to Florida and while we love to do the traditional things with them while they are in town it’s always fun to do something a little out of the ordinary and I am pretty sure Terra Ceia qualifies as out of the ordinary. So while my cousins were in town we packed up and headed down to treat them to a little tractor riding, castnetting, dock sitting and fresh caught fried fish. We enjoyed it and we hope they did too!

This was also Charlie’s first trip down to Terra Ceia; it’s sad to think that we don’t get down there as often as we would like to. There are only showers at Terra Ceia so we had to imporvise with a few sink baths.

Nighttime fishing and a few first catches- it was catfish but at least it was something ;)

a little tractor fun

dock fun


throwing like a pro

checking out a crab that was caught

saying hello to the crab (affectionately named Herman the Hermit crab- Jay is really curious about people and things’ names these days so most days I just make it up)

watching Daddy throw the net

future photographer- it must run in the family ;)

Jay loved seeing anything Jamie brought up in the net. He also wanted to touch everything! Don’t worry we washed his hands after this.

Like I said, it was Charlie’s first trip down to Terra Ceia and he loved venturing around the property and checking things out but I think he enjoyed playing under the bar chairs the most.

i heart these pictures

this is the last group that I have to post from Terra Ceia and they are some of my favorites…

Jamie and I took Jay out on the dock around dusk before we gave him his bath and packed up to leave for the evening.  The sky was so pretty, the light was wonderful and Jay was having a grand old time peeking over the benches on the dock.  I think these pictures capture his curiosity and love for nature so nicely…

more from Terra Ceia

Time has honestly been getting away from me lately. Other than the usual maintenance of the house (laundry, vacuuming- so Jay isn’t consumed by animal fur, groceries etc) I am not sure where most of my time goes these days. It seems like I wake up, blink and it’s time for bed again. Which is probably why I can’t believe that Jay is 8 months old but that is a whole other post in itself. I guess all I am trying to do is make excuses for why these pictures weren’t posted sooner.  Oh well, I have been enjoying Jay and my family lately- and that’s all the excuse I need.  Enjoy, we certainly did!

Jay hanging out with Great Grandpa and Daddy on the dock
the mighty fisherman
cool guy
dinner- yum!
tractor fun
guys of all ages like the tractor
enjoying some time with my little guy on the front porch
obligatory group shot

so excited to have visited Terra Ceia
official picture by the sign
Jay and Mommy on the dock at dusk
loving some dock time
trying to freak Mommy out on the dock
Daddy and Jay on the dock