more sand and surf

Here are a few photos from our fourth of July weekend Beach trip.  Jamie, Jay and I visited my Mom while she was staying in Jensen beach for the week.  Jay loved the playing in the sand just as much as our last trip and he got a big kick out of the larger waves and the bubbles that they produced.  It was a very nice trip and every bit as relaxing as the time before- thanks Mom for having us.

Jamie showing Jay some sea creatures
Jay wanting to touch the creature (a sand flea- gross sounding I know but they don't bite)
my boys building in the sand
sand baby
their sand creation
family shot- the sun must have been in Jay's eyes
Mom and her boyfriend Ed
monkey see, monkey do
Mommy and Jay building in the sand
getting really excited about the waves
pointing them out to Daddy
the waves and bubbles were Jay's favorite part of the ocean this trip
trying to boogie board
Grandma and Jay
my Mom (Grandma) biting the dust on the boogie board- you can't see her but you can see the board flying up in the air
a successful ride
think my kid likes the sand?
fun with Daddy
waving to the turtle Daddy made- he would wave and say "hi, tutle" over and over again to it



2 thoughts on “more sand and surf

  1. Looks like another fun trip to the beach. Think this will have to be an annual thing for Jay! That water looks a lot colder than the gulf, and that’s a good thing! :-)


  2. We loved having all of them down to the condo! It was so much fun seeing Jay riding on the waves, in a few more years he can learn to surf. Thanks Kristen, Jamie and Jay for the great week!


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