last day, last group of photos

Shortly after dinner on our last night on the island Jay decided to march straight down to the beach. We weren’t sure what exactly he wanted to do down there but both Jamie and I followed (thankfully I grabbed our camera and Jamie was still in his bathing suit).  Jay decided to make an evening out of running up and down the beach, splashing in the waves until they were almost over his head (the reason I was thankful for Jamie still being in his bathing suit), digging holes and playing in the sand.  We let him stay up way later than we normally would have and I am so glad that we did.  We all had so much fun and I since I had the camera I got to capture some of my favorite memories from the trip.

Keep in mind that it was an impromptu beach trip, hence the huge sagging diaper that is in most of the photos.  When we knew we were staying for awhile Jamie ran up to the hotel and grabbed a swim diaper so Jay wouldn’t have to drag around an extra 5lbs for the rest of the night.

I will apologize right now for the excessive amount of photos that I am about to post. I told you that they are some of my favorites and I had a really hard time choosing just a few to post…

Jamie and Jay playing in the waves

I love my guys :)
running on the beach
more running

some paddle boarders and their puppy

Can you see the family resemblance? It's crazy to me sometimes how much they are alike!
more running with Daddy
tiny footprints
not super happy about getting knocked over by a wave
digging a hole

Daddy, Jay and their hole
deep holes are hard to climb out of

don't you just love his farmers tan?
taking a break

monkey see
monkey do!!
after-dinner beach walkers
Nicole and Jeremiah
making silly faces at the walkers
decorating Daddy- can you tell how much Daddy loves this?

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