the cutest helper ever!

I have had a few photo shoots recently that I have scheduled during the day while Jamie is working (it’s a great way to still keep our weekends free and get to work).  So what have I done?  I have brought with me the absolutely cutest little helper out there.  I mean really you can’t higher anyone this adorable!

keeping track of the equipment for me

I know he doesn't match, don't judge, at least the sun is off his pretty little "working" head.

By the way, he really is the best little boy when we are out shooting.  He usually just sits there watching me shoot; once he even crawled between my legs and poked his head out at the little girl I was photographing… melt my heart kiddo, seriously!

If you want to check out some of the pictures head over to my professional sitethis little one is too cute!

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