charlie’s blanket

Handmade gifts are things to treasure, things to hold dear and things to love on. This is something that our sweet Charlie knows very, very well. Over the last few months Charlie has become rather attached to his blanket; a beautiful blue hand knitted blanket made for him by Jamie’s paternal Grandma, Memere. If I look away for a minute and lose track of Charlie I can usually find him in his room pulling it out of his crib, I find it randomly all over the house these days- in the kitchen, in the office, you name it I have found it there. He loves to snuggle with it and bury his head on it and while he is sleeping or falling asleep he holds it in one hand and has his thumb in his mouth… sweet precious boy! The other day it desperately needed to be washed (after being drug through the whole house for days) so I tossed it in thinking that it would be clean and ready before his nap- man was I wrong! It was still damp so we tried putting him down with Jay’s blanket and he cried and cried until about 20 minutes later when it was dry I brought it in to him… he was fast asleep within 2 minutes of getting his blanket- stinker! I love that he loves it and I love that it was made for him by such a special person. Thank you Memere for taking the time to make such a wonderful gift- Charlie LOVES it! Oh, and Happy Birthday too ;)

I was finally able to grab a few non-phone photos of Charlie loving on his blanket (he tends to stop whatever he is doing to crawl over and see my camera- so candids can be tough) so here they are…

Coincidentally, the book he’s looking at in the next three pictures was also given to him by Memere and Great Aunt Odette

The only photo of Memere and Charlie that I can find right now. It’s from the day of his Baptism- he was SO chunky!

And a few phone photos too… same PJ’s as above different day ;)

trying to walk with his blankie wrapped around his feet

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