friday phone dump

It certainly has been a good long while since I did a Friday phone dump. These days I try to keep our DSLR around at all times to capture the moments of our days; however, with three littles around that sometimes just isn’t possible so I capture a lot of our days on my camera phone. Here’s just a little taste of our ordinary which is pretty extraordinary.

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new specs

sweet Charlie

Jay fell asleep in a box

Mommy and Luc outside

enjoying a few last swims

Luc and Daddy reading


Charlie and our sweet puppy Piper

Charlie and his apple

Luc napping in the crib


baking helper

crazy hair

two wee-oo's!!!

whale booty and tiny toes

3 boys

an attempt at sharing a room

two of my guys

smiling, happy baby

fl fall

morning snuggles

making Luc laugh

back seat drivers

big smiles from Charlie


sweet Luc smiles

stroller rides

Happy Birthda Jamie!!

friday phone dump

I haven’t had a phone dump in quite some time so here you go.  A little bit of random, a little bit silly and a whole lot of everyday love.

Charlie showing some love for his book
That's my baby- a book loving Charlie!


happy kitchen helpers
two boys baking

Jay has been really interested in writing his name lately- these are a few of his attempts. I am so proud of him!
Jay writing is his name

morning snuggles with Daddy

kisses for the baby in the mirror
giving the baby kisses

two boys in the bath

happiness for the table

frequent view
two boys on the path

sweet boy hanging out with Mommy

I love these curls

somebody was getting sleepy

family shot before heading out for a date
family shot before a date

silly business
being silly

sweet smiles

stories with Daddy before work
stories with Daddy before work

well hello little one :)
hello little one

silly Charlie faces
silly Charlie faces

so proud that he can use a straw
Charlie can use a straw

sweet brothers sharing a special treat
sweet brothers with a special treat

wrong little boy “using” the potty
wrong brother on the potty

happy kitchen helper
happy kitchen helper

helping to take Daddy’s lunch to the car
helping Daddy take his lunch to the car

garden helper

picking out plants at the nursery
at Lukas getting plants

our new orange tree!
our orange tree!


fixing stuff

strawberry picking

always more projects on the go
projects in the works

sweet boy

family portrait drawn by Jay
family portrait by Jay

“cheese” face
cheese face


swinging at the park

more swinging
more swinging

park time

a certain kiddo needs a bath!
ready for a bath!

blankie is never far from reach
blankie is never far from reach

cool dude!
cool dude!

crazy normal part 2

a few more from the phone

a GREAT mail day- now to get started on some projects ;)

he’s giving kisses now

prepping to wash the alphabet mat

what, you don’t wash foam letters in your dishwasher?

he is not a huge fan of the gate

he couldn’t quite get his hat off when he was riding in the car and this is how he looked when I opened the door

how many pears can I fit in my mouth all at once

paper, scissors, glue

impressive coloring skills for a 2.5 year old if you ask me

crazy normal

My immediate response when people ask lately how we are/ how I am is “Crazy, good but crazy”. However, the more I think about this the more I realize we are less and less crazy and more and more normal.  You see, before we had any kiddos we had plenty of time to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and honestly I am not all that sure what we did with our boat loads of free time.  After we had Jay we thought we were seriously crazy and had no free time and then we had Charlie (bringing the parent child ratio up to one-to-one) and actually had less free time.  If you would have asked me about our free time when we just had Jay I would have found it rather laughable; now I am not sure what we did with it all.  Perspective is funny that way…  All this to say that we are crazy or normal; however you want to think of it and here is a taste of our crazy brought to you by the ever present iPhone.

monkey toes

yes that is a towel and yes it is soaking wet :(

the perfect little boy entertainment

duplo towers- Jay is REALLY into building these days

squishy returns ;)

what- doesn’t everyone have a whale and a cow in their pantry?

photographer in the making

his photo

reading the Monster at the End of this Book on the ipad… he really didn’t like it at first but enjoyed it after he realized “the blue guy” (Grover) was the monster

watermelon- Jay eats EVERY last bite

I apparently haven’t dumped my phone photos in forever so instead of overloading you all in one day I will post the rest tomorrow- stay tuned for part two ;)

friday randomness

It’s been a while since I have posted any of my phone photos… so here are a few from our last few weeks in all of their random glory.

A special snack- my Grandma’s popcorn (SO delicious!!!!)

post nap cuddles and silly faces

happiness in a bowl ;)

laundry helper

playing in the rain

Jay Bird spots :(

sleepy baby snuggles

trying out a big boy cup

outside fun

exploring the grass

these are actually growing in our yard!!

Mommy and Charlie time

sleepy passengers

rain/storm watcher

two super tired boys

cool dude

silly dude with worker glasses on


getting some milk- just keeping it real around here ;)

happy boy!

popsicle treats ;)… homemade blackberry yogurt popsicles- so yummmy!

cars, cars, cars

thumb sucker

“free” play ;)

And lastly, a few of Jay’s camp lunches (and yes I do know that I am a dork)

friday phone dump…

It’s really hard to believe that the weekend has come and gone and that we are chugging through another week again!  Wow!!

Here’s a little bit of our world from last week.  Enjoy and happy Tuesday to you !

1. sleeping Charlie
2. found his tongue
3. Jay’s duplo “park”
4. silly faces
5. hanging out in the bed
6. Jay working on his chores… helping Mom to empty the dishwasher
7. booty up and thumb in
8. “washing” dishes in the sink while Mommy makes dinner
9 & 10 Charlie sucking on his fingers
11. pancake Tuesday- also known as Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras
12. tummy time
13, 14, 15 & 16. hanging out in Jay’s bed after nap time- Jay was being super cute and kissing all over his brother, he’ll probably hate these photos when he’s a teenager ;)

friday phone dump

here it is… some snippets from our fun but busy week ;)

1. it looks like Jay is squishing Charlie but he really isn’t… he is offering him is blanket when Charlie was fussing- sweet, sweet brother

2. another view of the sweet, sweet brother- trying to cuddle Charlie to make him feel better

3. reading Curious George- a large book but one of the favorites around here right now

4. silly sleeping Piper

5. happy “little brother”

6. impromptu photo shoot supplies

7. sidewalk chalk booty

8. valentines day art

9. happy heart lunch

10. tummy time- not thrilled with it but not upset either

11. check out those thighs!

12. rejected paci replaced by the thumb

13. sweet nose, sweet baby

14. baby cuddles- nothing better

15. fresh picked strawberries!!!

16. lunch with friends

17. my laundry helper

18. “cheese!”

19. trying on hand-me-down hats

20. re-organizing and packing up baby and little boy clothes that don’t fit anymore


Oh and my sweet little one is 3 months old today- crazy I know!!  I will try to be back later today with what I am sure will be some ridiculously cute photos of him and an update ;)

friday phone dump

I am on time today!!!  It was a good but very LONG week, really looking forward to the weekend :)

1. our turtle friend- we think he might live in our front yard

2. sleeping baby

3. Daddy and Jay checking out the turtles in the ditch behind the house

4. Daddy and Jay sliding at the park

5. Charlie and Piper hanging out while we played

6. a close up of our sweet, sweet sleeping baby

7. our little trouble maker- he closed the door so Jamie and I wouldn’t see him crawl into the crib (because he knows that he shouldn’t be in there).  oh and don’t worry- I was holding Charlie, he wasn’t in the crib…

8. chins

9. one of Dolce’s usual perches

10. frosty art

11. funny eyes

12. Jay wearing Piper’s collar on his head

13. hanging outside while Jay and I decorated the driveway

12. trains, laundry and a pitiful puppy- typical day in this house

13. giggles

14. homemade play doh- smells SO yummy!

friday phone dump

So I am better than I was last week but still not great.  I should probably just stop calling it ‘friday phone dump’ and just call it ‘phone dump whenever I get to it’ instead…

1. birthday boy enjoying the icing

2. tornado Jay strikes

3. snoozin’

4. I have a tongue!

5. first bottle

6. sleeping on his back, like he is supposed to ;)

7. snuggles with Momma

8. watching big brother

9. cars! cars!

10. almost all of my boys

11. helping me stamp all of the cards we mailed

12. what you looking’ at?

13. we have movement- his head started on the frog

14. thumb sucker

15. zoned out

16. lunch

17. a duplicate- oops

18. rocket socks

19. cooping mechanism for a terrible friday- faking caffeine ;)

20. tears after getting in trouble for pulling all of the wipes out of the container