friday phone dump…

It’s really hard to believe that the weekend has come and gone and that we are chugging through another week again!  Wow!!

Here’s a little bit of our world from last week.  Enjoy and happy Tuesday to you !

1. sleeping Charlie
2. found his tongue
3. Jay’s duplo “park”
4. silly faces
5. hanging out in the bed
6. Jay working on his chores… helping Mom to empty the dishwasher
7. booty up and thumb in
8. “washing” dishes in the sink while Mommy makes dinner
9 & 10 Charlie sucking on his fingers
11. pancake Tuesday- also known as Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras
12. tummy time
13, 14, 15 & 16. hanging out in Jay’s bed after nap time- Jay was being super cute and kissing all over his brother, he’ll probably hate these photos when he’s a teenager ;)

One thought on “friday phone dump…

  1. i look forward to Jamie sending me a note saying you have posted another blog.. the pictures take me through a typical day for you and Jay Bird and Charlie Tuna.. i enjoy seeing the pictures you take and post..

    cheerio.. great grandpa Jim 02-29-12


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