friday phone dump

I haven’t had a phone dump in quite some time so here you go.  A little bit of random, a little bit silly and a whole lot of everyday love.

Charlie showing some love for his book
That's my baby- a book loving Charlie!


happy kitchen helpers
two boys baking

Jay has been really interested in writing his name lately- these are a few of his attempts. I am so proud of him!
Jay writing is his name

morning snuggles with Daddy

kisses for the baby in the mirror
giving the baby kisses

two boys in the bath

happiness for the table

frequent view
two boys on the path

sweet boy hanging out with Mommy

I love these curls

somebody was getting sleepy

family shot before heading out for a date
family shot before a date

silly business
being silly

sweet smiles

stories with Daddy before work
stories with Daddy before work

well hello little one :)
hello little one

silly Charlie faces
silly Charlie faces

so proud that he can use a straw
Charlie can use a straw

sweet brothers sharing a special treat
sweet brothers with a special treat

wrong little boy “using” the potty
wrong brother on the potty

happy kitchen helper
happy kitchen helper

helping to take Daddy’s lunch to the car
helping Daddy take his lunch to the car

garden helper

picking out plants at the nursery
at Lukas getting plants

our new orange tree!
our orange tree!


fixing stuff

strawberry picking

always more projects on the go
projects in the works

sweet boy

family portrait drawn by Jay
family portrait by Jay

“cheese” face
cheese face


swinging at the park

more swinging
more swinging

park time

a certain kiddo needs a bath!
ready for a bath!

blankie is never far from reach
blankie is never far from reach

cool dude!
cool dude!

2 thoughts on “friday phone dump

  1. I am always amazed at the quality of phone photographs! And yours are just the best…..they always show how much loving, lovey times you have together.


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