friday phone dump

here it is… some snippets from our fun but busy week ;)

1. it looks like Jay is squishing Charlie but he really isn’t… he is offering him is blanket when Charlie was fussing- sweet, sweet brother

2. another view of the sweet, sweet brother- trying to cuddle Charlie to make him feel better

3. reading Curious George- a large book but one of the favorites around here right now

4. silly sleeping Piper

5. happy “little brother”

6. impromptu photo shoot supplies

7. sidewalk chalk booty

8. valentines day art

9. happy heart lunch

10. tummy time- not thrilled with it but not upset either

11. check out those thighs!

12. rejected paci replaced by the thumb

13. sweet nose, sweet baby

14. baby cuddles- nothing better

15. fresh picked strawberries!!!

16. lunch with friends

17. my laundry helper

18. “cheese!”

19. trying on hand-me-down hats

20. re-organizing and packing up baby and little boy clothes that don’t fit anymore


Oh and my sweet little one is 3 months old today- crazy I know!!  I will try to be back later today with what I am sure will be some ridiculously cute photos of him and an update ;)

2 thoughts on “friday phone dump

  1. Great pictures Kristen. They are really fun and it is amazing to see the changes in the boys.
    Thanks for the photos you sent – they arrived yesterday and I have them displayed on our fridge. They are priceless! Thanks for thinking of us.
    Love to you all.
    Dianne and Gary


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