tired boys

Until very recently, it has been so disgustingly warm here that it has been a challenge to get outside without completely melting. However we have been going out even though it is hot (two tiny energetic people cooped up in a house all day long is a bad situation) and this is how the boys usually end up looking after any outdoor adventure- hot, sweaty and just plain tired.

tired Charlie

tired Jay

Even thought they aren’t smiling I still really like these photos.


I woke up today and thought we needed to get out of the house. I hadn’t seen either of the boys yet but I knew we needed to be out. Luckily it is the first Monday of the month which means that it’s free admission day to Leu Gardens because the Orlando public library is doing story time. So I sent my dear friend Staci a text asking if she would like to join our crazy for the morning and she agreed to. If we are going for full disclosure here I admit that I had no intention of actually going to listen to story time, we have done that before and it’s not all that great- It’s a huge room so the boys have a hard time seeing/hearing and overall I just haven’t ever been a fan, I just wanted a mostly fenced in area in which the boys could run.

So we loaded up, stopped by Dunkin Donuts to stock up on sugar and caffeine and headed to the gardens. I should have known that it was going to be a stellar morning when Charlie was using the corner of his shirt as a make-shift blankie and sucking his thumb on the way there (the thumb is the ultimate “I want sleep” indicator); however, I ignored the neon flashing sign and we trudged on. Charlie cried and fussed for a good portion of the morning out of sheer indecision and tiredness- the kid had no idea what he wanted or didn’t want, to ride in the stroller, to walk, to be held etc. And Jay left his “glistening ears” (what he calls his listening ears) at home or in the car or something so we were in rare form.

Regardless of all of that, we did have a really great time. We picnicked with donuts, got some of our energy out and Jay got filthy dirty when he “tripped” and rolled around the hill (ie purposefully fell while running down the hill). However, I certainly am looking forward to the being able to use the new (currently waiting for it to arrive) stroller. It has two seats and two buckles so I can strap both of my crazies in at one time and just push the singing (I mean screaming) children places without pushing one and trying to wrangle the other on top of my ever growing belly. Oh and did I mention that I am super grateful for sweet friends who will chase your kids down when they start running straight for the lake without warning? If I didn’t well I meant to; those kind of friends are the best ;)

Here’s our troop of doughnut-eating boys (the lone girl between the two of us was at school)- four pictured (ages 6, 3.5, 2.5 and 1.5), another not pictured (5 months old) was in the stroller and the last one in my tummy still baking. I know it’s a lot but they are wild and fun never the less.

our troop

Jay Bird




Happy Monday to you, hope your day was a walk in the park ;)

park time with daddy

In the fall I was swamped with client photos- I had the almost every weekend and sometimes both days of the weekend booked.  It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but I did hate that it took away from some of our weekend family time.  Either way it happened and I was busy which made it nice that the boys could join me on a location scouting trip.  We made a night out of it- had a picnic in the park, ran around and ended up playing at the playground until the sun went down.  Both Jay and Charlie have really started to love going to the park and up until this point Charlie had really only been on the swings; however, since Daddy was there he helped with the slide a few times and Charlie LOVED it.

picnic-ing in the park


riding the slide

more slide fun

such a big boy

slide races

slide races

slide races

race you to the top!

slide races

sliding with Jay

crazy normal part 2

a few more from the phone

a GREAT mail day- now to get started on some projects ;)

he’s giving kisses now

prepping to wash the alphabet mat

what, you don’t wash foam letters in your dishwasher?

he is not a huge fan of the gate

he couldn’t quite get his hat off when he was riding in the car and this is how he looked when I opened the door

how many pears can I fit in my mouth all at once

paper, scissors, glue

impressive coloring skills for a 2.5 year old if you ask me


Okay, I don’t know if this is exceptional or not BUT he’s my kid so it’s my job to brag.  Jay can identify/name (not sure what it’s called at this age) any turtle (totule) and star (stah) that he sees without being prompted.  He also knows the sounds that kitties and puppies make and makes them when he sees photos of them without being prompted. We are working on other shapes and animals sounds but it still amazes me at how much he already knows!  Love this kiddo!

I mean these aren’t all his tricks, that’s for sure, but identifying shapes and he’s not even a year and a half old!  I think that’s pretty impressive!

Here’s a few photos of our genius-in-the-making from our park trip this morning.  I let him climb the steps and slide down the medium slide on his own today- he couldn’t have been more thrilled with himself!

can it be Saturday already?

We sure are sorry that Daddy had to head back into the office today.  It has been so nice having him home the last few days (he worked from home Friday and Tuesday and had Monday off).  Here’s hoping that Saturday will hurry up and come soon so we can play again!

playing at the park
just hanging- honestly Jay really doesn't mind this :-)
a little after nap time gaming
sharing his duplo with Daddy