friday phone dump

So I am better than I was last week but still not great.  I should probably just stop calling it ‘friday phone dump’ and just call it ‘phone dump whenever I get to it’ instead…

1. birthday boy enjoying the icing

2. tornado Jay strikes

3. snoozin’

4. I have a tongue!

5. first bottle

6. sleeping on his back, like he is supposed to ;)

7. snuggles with Momma

8. watching big brother

9. cars! cars!

10. almost all of my boys

11. helping me stamp all of the cards we mailed

12. what you looking’ at?

13. we have movement- his head started on the frog

14. thumb sucker

15. zoned out

16. lunch

17. a duplicate- oops

18. rocket socks

19. cooping mechanism for a terrible friday- faking caffeine ;)

20. tears after getting in trouble for pulling all of the wipes out of the container

2 thoughts on “friday phone dump

  1. I love seeing all these pictures too! Sorry to see the tears in the last photo…but I suppose “the twos” are upon us! See you Saturday!


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