friday phone dump

I am on time today!!!  It was a good but very LONG week, really looking forward to the weekend :)

1. our turtle friend- we think he might live in our front yard

2. sleeping baby

3. Daddy and Jay checking out the turtles in the ditch behind the house

4. Daddy and Jay sliding at the park

5. Charlie and Piper hanging out while we played

6. a close up of our sweet, sweet sleeping baby

7. our little trouble maker- he closed the door so Jamie and I wouldn’t see him crawl into the crib (because he knows that he shouldn’t be in there).  oh and don’t worry- I was holding Charlie, he wasn’t in the crib…

8. chins

9. one of Dolce’s usual perches

10. frosty art

11. funny eyes

12. Jay wearing Piper’s collar on his head

13. hanging outside while Jay and I decorated the driveway

12. trains, laundry and a pitiful puppy- typical day in this house

13. giggles

14. homemade play doh- smells SO yummy!

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