My head is spinning from everything that has been going on lately. I promise I will catch you all up soon when my computer returns to me- it has been on the fritz now going on two weeks. I am hoping we are on the home stretch and that it will be back in my hands and in working order soon; it had to be shipped to the the chief Mac doctor (Mac headquarters) and I don’t know when it will be back- sad face…

I will try to “steal” a few minutes on Jamie’s machine to post a little bit about my sweet 11 month old (yup you read that correctly 11 months old- yeow!); however I will make no promises ;)

Until then or shall I say, until next time here’s a few phone photos of us literally spinning- the boys love it ;)

notice the teeth below, they are coming in quickly now…

notice the gap and missing tooth below, yup we are down one tooth here- details later…

crazy normal part 2

a few more from the phone

a GREAT mail day- now to get started on some projects ;)

he’s giving kisses now

prepping to wash the alphabet mat

what, you don’t wash foam letters in your dishwasher?

he is not a huge fan of the gate

he couldn’t quite get his hat off when he was riding in the car and this is how he looked when I opened the door

how many pears can I fit in my mouth all at once

paper, scissors, glue

impressive coloring skills for a 2.5 year old if you ask me

crazy normal

My immediate response when people ask lately how we are/ how I am is “Crazy, good but crazy”. However, the more I think about this the more I realize we are less and less crazy and more and more normal.  You see, before we had any kiddos we had plenty of time to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and honestly I am not all that sure what we did with our boat loads of free time.  After we had Jay we thought we were seriously crazy and had no free time and then we had Charlie (bringing the parent child ratio up to one-to-one) and actually had less free time.  If you would have asked me about our free time when we just had Jay I would have found it rather laughable; now I am not sure what we did with it all.  Perspective is funny that way…  All this to say that we are crazy or normal; however you want to think of it and here is a taste of our crazy brought to you by the ever present iPhone.

monkey toes

yes that is a towel and yes it is soaking wet :(

the perfect little boy entertainment

duplo towers- Jay is REALLY into building these days

squishy returns ;)

what- doesn’t everyone have a whale and a cow in their pantry?

photographer in the making

his photo

reading the Monster at the End of this Book on the ipad… he really didn’t like it at first but enjoyed it after he realized “the blue guy” (Grover) was the monster

watermelon- Jay eats EVERY last bite

I apparently haven’t dumped my phone photos in forever so instead of overloading you all in one day I will post the rest tomorrow- stay tuned for part two ;)

friday from the phone

just a peak at our Friday cause I have it ;)

what I came in to find after walking Daddy out to the car in the morning… when I asked Jay what he was doing he mater of factly told me that he was watching baby Charlie (Charlie was in his bouncer on the floor in the kitchen)

drinking from a big boy cup

even with Super Jay riding along we didn’t get in and out of publix in under an hour… honestly, the only thing that would make me happier than the public cape appearances is if he had a pair of rain boots too :)

happy baby

what Jay’s bed usually looks like in the morning and after naps… not sure how he sleeps with all of that stuff in it

not a super happy baby- his acid reflux is bothering him still and he’s getting teeth to boot!

my view is pretty sweet though…

supper prep- look here for the super delicious recipe

after supper outside playtime