friday phone dump

It certainly has been a good long while since I did a Friday phone dump. These days I try to keep our DSLR around at all times to capture the moments of our days; however, with three littles around that sometimes just isn’t possible so I capture a lot of our days on my camera phone. Here’s just a little taste of our ordinary which is pretty extraordinary.

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new specs

sweet Charlie

Jay fell asleep in a box

Mommy and Luc outside

enjoying a few last swims

Luc and Daddy reading


Charlie and our sweet puppy Piper

Charlie and his apple

Luc napping in the crib


baking helper

crazy hair

two wee-oo's!!!

whale booty and tiny toes

3 boys

an attempt at sharing a room

two of my guys

smiling, happy baby

fl fall

morning snuggles

making Luc laugh

back seat drivers

big smiles from Charlie


sweet Luc smiles

stroller rides

Happy Birthda Jamie!!

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