friday randomness

It’s been a while since I have posted any of my phone photos… so here are a few from our last few weeks in all of their random glory.

A special snack- my Grandma’s popcorn (SO delicious!!!!)

post nap cuddles and silly faces

happiness in a bowl ;)

laundry helper

playing in the rain

Jay Bird spots :(

sleepy baby snuggles

trying out a big boy cup

outside fun

exploring the grass

these are actually growing in our yard!!

Mommy and Charlie time

sleepy passengers

rain/storm watcher

two super tired boys

cool dude

silly dude with worker glasses on


getting some milk- just keeping it real around here ;)

happy boy!

popsicle treats ;)… homemade blackberry yogurt popsicles- so yummmy!

cars, cars, cars

thumb sucker

“free” play ;)

And lastly, a few of Jay’s camp lunches (and yes I do know that I am a dork)

3 thoughts on “friday randomness

  1. I kind of want a framed one of Jay & Charlie crying, it makes me laugh out loud. Also love the one of Jay “pumping.”

    They are growing up so fast!


  2. I laughed at the get milk shot, so very cute. I really enjoyed all of them, thanks for the memories!! All of the camp teachers look to see what Jay has brought each day because it is so exciting!!!


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