Over the years we have had many, many visitors to Florida and while we love to do the traditional things with them while they are in town it’s always fun to do something a little out of the ordinary and I am pretty sure Terra Ceia qualifies as out of the ordinary. So while my cousins were in town we packed up and headed down to treat them to a little tractor riding, castnetting, dock sitting and fresh caught fried fish. We enjoyed it and we hope they did too!

This was also Charlie’s first trip down to Terra Ceia; it’s sad to think that we don’t get down there as often as we would like to. There are only showers at Terra Ceia so we had to imporvise with a few sink baths.

Nighttime fishing and a few first catches- it was catfish but at least it was something ;)

a little tractor fun

dock fun


throwing like a pro

checking out a crab that was caught

saying hello to the crab (affectionately named Herman the Hermit crab- Jay is really curious about people and things’ names these days so most days I just make it up)

watching Daddy throw the net

future photographer- it must run in the family ;)

Jay loved seeing anything Jamie brought up in the net. He also wanted to touch everything! Don’t worry we washed his hands after this.

Like I said, it was Charlie’s first trip down to Terra Ceia and he loved venturing around the property and checking things out but I think he enjoyed playing under the bar chairs the most.

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