kids say the darndest things

Lately, the boys say the funniest things. If I think about it I try to write them down so I can remember all of their crazy antics.  Today at lunch the boys (big boys) and I were talking about general stuff and I decided to jot down their answers to some fairly generic interview questions that I asked them. I always enjoy looking back at any of the interviews that I have done with them so I figured I would share their answers.

Jay Bird- 4.5 years old

What is your name? Jay Bird

How old are you? 4 and a half

What is your favorite color? All of the fire colors in the whole entire world.

What is your favorite food? Peaches and Cupcakes

What is your favorite place to go? the playground

What is your favorite thing to wear? My race car PJ’s

Who is your best friend? Luc

What is your favorite things to do? When Daddy pushes me in the swing.

What is your favorite thing(s) to do with Daddy? Ride in the white rental car.

What is your favorite thing(s) to do with Mommy? Make Ice Cream

What would you like to be when you grow up? I want to be a Daddy first and for a job a race car driver. I am going to stay home until I find a grown up girl to marry. Then I will marry a girl that is grown up.

How old will you be when you get married? 9

How many kids would you like to have- 17 16 girls and 1 boy

What is the one thing you are looking forward to doing when you are an adult that you can’t do as a kid? Go on an airplane by myself.

Charlie Tuna- 2.5 years old

What is your name? Charlie Tuna

How old are you? 2 and a half

What is your favorite color? BLUE

What is your favorite food? Noga bars (Granola Bars)

What is your favorite place to go? Publix and Costco

What is your favorite thing to wear? My Flash T-shirt

Who is your best friend? Jay Bird

What is your favorite things to do? Play with Jay Bird. We build steps and my duplo guys, Jay Bird, Charlie and Luc, go up the stairs and play.

What is your favorite thing(s) to do with Daddy? Riding in Daddy’s truck and going to Ant Bef’s (Mary Beth) house!

What is your favorite thing(s) to do with Mommy? I like to go in the car and drive places with Mommy.

What would you like to be when you grow up? A Daddy! Or a Dragon

What is the one thing you are looking forward to doing when you are an adult that you can’t do as a kid? Being able to go in the office. **By the way, one of the biggest rules currently in the house is that the boys are not allowed to go into our office by themselves.**

today i am

Luc- 9 months

9 months old!!

Stats- We go to the Doctor for a check up on Monday, I will update the stats after we get back.



teeth- 3, two on the bottom and one on the top. He is working hard to get that other top one to poke through it just isn’t quite there yet.

Things of Note:

Sleeping- Luc is sleeping like a champ. He gets put to bed between 7-8 every night and wakes up between 7-8 the next morning. He does babble and talk while he sleeps (Dadada, dadada) but other than that we usually don’t hear from him. At night he is still sleeping in our room in the pack and play; however, we are looking to transition him into the crib in Charlie’s room. As for naps he usually sleeps for 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon and occasionally in the morning too. Our morning routine is far less predictable because of school drop off and pick up.

Crawling- Luc is really on the move now. He is full-on crawling and can get anywhere he would like to right now. He usually takes his time and moves at his own pace; however, if he does see something that he wants he will make a break for it (he breaks out the fast crawling) to get whatever he wants.

Standing- he is pulling up and standing at everything that he can right now. He hasn’t taken any interest in cruising yet. Which is absolutely fine by me. I know that he will be walking before we know it and I am in no hurry to rush him.

Eating- Luc is still eating really well. He loves homemade purees (sweet potato is still his favorite) but has also taken a stab at pretty much anything I put on his highchair tray. Like we did with the other boys I usually take a look at what we are having for supper and give a little taste of whatever he would be able to have. So far he really likes pancakes and waffles.


*Music Table- he loves to pull up at the music table and push buttons until his heart’s content. He doesn’t dance with it yet but he does love pushing the buttons.

*Bathtime- He will splash the night away in the tub if we let him. He loves to play in the water and if his brothers are in the tub and he isn’t, he crawls into the bathroom to find them.

*Shoelaces/Shoes- now that Luc is on the move we need to be more diligent about putting our shoes in the cubby because if they are out he will find them and he likes to chew on them- I know, it’s gross!

*Stacking cups- Luc really enjoys banging his stacking cups together. He’s not so much of a build and knock it down kid but he enjoys banging them together to make noise. This really goes for any toy actually. If he isn’t chewing on it, he is banging things together to make noise.

*His brothers-  without a doubt Luc adores his two big brothers. Although he will smile at anyone, his brothers are able to get the biggest smiles out of him. He is constantly looking to see where they are and crawling to be in the room with him.


Being tired or hungry, but only really tired or really hungry. This category is a stretch here because he doesn’t really have many things that he doesn’t like (honestly, I get asked frequently if he ever cries). He really is the best and sweetest baby ever.

I am not sure that I can find the correct words to describe what a delight this little one is. We haven’t spent a ton of time teaching him tricks (clapping, waving etc) so he isn’t doing any of those things yet and he was slower to crawl etc but really he is so laid back and easy that it’s almost as if I need to remind myself that he’s around sometimes. He fits into our family so seamlessly, he goes with the flow and greets each new day or circumstance with a smile on his face. I sincerely hope that he continues to delight in everything and find joy and peace in the world around him.

Luc- 9 months

Luc- 9 months

Luc- 9 months

Jay and Charlie “helped” me to take Luc’s photos today ;)
My photo helpers

my boys

not so helpful helpers

Luc- 9 months old

Jay at 9 months
Charlie at 9 months

Also, click here and here to see the 7 and 8 month Luc updates. I was a little behind on posting them so you may have missed them.

today i am…

Luc- 8 months old

8 months old!
Weight- ? I forgot to take it :(
teeth- almost 1! The very tip of Luc’s top front tooth is just starting to poke through the gum. It is barely there and it might not have been this far along had it not been for a fall and a bump to the mouth a week or so ago.

Things of Note-

*We are really close to crawling but not quite there yet. If I had to guess I would say that he will be crawling within the week. He is still scooting around very well and definitely is about to get whatever it is that he needs/wants.

*Eating- Luc is still doing really well with the pureed food and still really likes the sweet potatoes. We have added in a few finger foods- bananas mainly along with ripe fruit that is put into a teether (that he squishes with his gums but doesn’t get so much that he would choke).


*Bath time- Luc still loves bath time. He is no longer sitting assisted wight his bath chair (hasn’t actually done that for a few months) and he loves to just sit there and splash around. He does take a bath with his two older brothers which can be pretty overwhelming from time to time but he loves it none the less.
*His brothers- Luc still (and I am pretty sure will continue to do so) adores his brothers. They make him laugh, they entertain him- he will just sit there watching them for prolonged periods of time and they love on him which he loves too!


As generic as this sounds Luc’s only dislikes are being really hungry or really tired. He really is such a sweet baby ;)

I know that this is a pretty short and almost generic update but it’s just that Luc doesn’t have strong preferences. He is a laid back, easy baby. He is happy to sit on the floor and play; however, he doesn’t have a particular toy that he really enjoys playing with. He will happily play with his toy, a car really whatever is within reach and there is always something within reach. He really is such a good baby and we are so lucky that he is a part of our family.

Luc- 8 months old

Luc- 8 months old

Luc- 8 months old

Luc- 8 months old

Luc- 8 months old

Jay at 8 months old

Charlie at 8 months old

one day…

One day I won’t trip over piles of cars and duplo that clutter our floor, one day I will be able to sit on our couch without being asked to move so Charlie can drive his “truck/boat/etc” or Jay can have a race, one day I won’t have crumbs under our kitchen table and dirty hands to wash after they help in the kitchen, one day I won’t be asked for story after story and kiss after kiss before bedtime, one day I won’t have a baby to snuggle before bed, or hear baby snores in the middle of the night, one day I will be able to hear Jamie as we sit across the table from each other at dinner and one day our house will be quiet and not quite so much of a constant zoo.

Raising small children is hard. My days are full and busy. The time I have to myself is limited and often interrupted. But this season of my life is fleeting and I pray constantly that I can fully understand that and  that I can truly appreciate all of the ordinary moments that make my life so extraordinary.

I sincerely wish that I had more time to post photos of my adorable boys because I do take them (my older self with thank me for this I am sure). But until I do, for those of you that still check in on this little blog of mine, my random posting will have to suffice.

Jay- 4 years old

Charlie Tuna


Charlie and Luc- brotherly love

the next two photos were taken by Charlie with my big camera ;)
Jay- constantly moving

big smiles from Jay

Charlie and Jay- fancy brothers

Charlie- quite the stinker!

Luc- such a big boy sitting up on his own

Luc- finally getting his hands on some real food

today i am

Luc- 7 months

7 months old!

It’s crazy how long the days feel but how quickly the weeks, months and years are flying past. It surprises me every time I realize how big my little ones are getting. It also makes me want to hold tight to them and tell them to stop growing up! I know that it isn’t going to happen any time soon so I will keep snuggling while I can and stealing as many kisses as possible.

I know these updates are pretty late but I post them for my future self. The one that will not want to forget any of these precious tiny moments. Because really it’s all of the little things that make it all worth while ;)

Weight- 17lbs 2oz
teeth- still none

Things of note-
*Mobility- we are close to crawling but not at the same point. I currently call him my little inch bug because he scoots all around the room while he is playing; however, he isn’t moving intentionally. It usually happens when he reaches really far for a toy and then scoots his bottom to sit back up straight again. It’s a little movement but it allows him to inch around a whole room. He isn’t up on all fours yet and isn’t rocking but it won’t be long.
*Eating- He’s been much better on the eating front and gaining weight like a champ. He eats solids at supper with us and his favorites so far are the coconut sweet potato puree and pears. Although, he hasn’t really turned his nose up at anything. He also has been really getting the hang of puffs lately and loves having a tray full after his supper is finished.
*Talking- Luc is babbling and grunting up a storm, he does have to keep up with his brothers after all ;)
*Belly Laughs- Luc is quite ticklish and will give up the giggles pretty easily right now. His laugh is infectious and precious- I love it!

*Water!! Luc LOVES bath time! He squeals and flaps his arms like crazy whenever he realizes that he is headed into the tub. He will play for such a long time in there and loves to splash. I am really looking forward to it warming up so I can pull out the kiddie pool and let him splash until his heart’s content.
*His brothers- Nothing else amuses, entertains or will make Luc belly laugh quite like his brothers. The love him so much (some times a little too much) and the feeling is mutual for sure. He is constantly looking for them, watching them and enjoying their company. I love how sweet their relationships already are.
*Playing- Luc really enjoys sitting on the floor and playing with toys (sometimes for quite a while). He doesn’t have any huge preferences with toys, although the stacking cups and toy wooden measuring spoons are ranked pretty high.

*Being on his back. This is a stretch for me to find something that he doesn’t really like. However, if there is one thing that he doesn’t enjoy it is being on his back. He rolls onto his back and while he can roll back onto his front, he usually gets upset and fussy until he is sat back up again.

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Jay at 7 months

Charlie at 7 months

today i am…

Luc- 6 months old

6 months old!!
My baby, my sweet tiny little Luc is 6 months old today. I am pretty certain I blinked and 6 months passed me by because seriously he was JUST born. Time is flying and I am enjoying every cuddle and every stage of this little guy since I know all too well how fast it will all go.

Weight-15lbs on the dot
Height- 24.5 inches long
teeth- none as of yet

Things of Note:
-You may have noticed that this little guy has packed on a few pounds over the last month. We struggled (really, really struggled) with his weight gain for months but now we finally have things under control and Luc is starting to pack on the pounds! We were trying desperately to get him to be double his birth weight on or before his 6 month check-up and we have succeeded. Yay! It’s certainly been a journey and I am glad to be where we are with it.
-Movement. Luc is still rolling front to back and back to front but hasn’t really moved much other than that yet. He scoots a little bit on his tummy however, mostly by accident and he usually gets upset when he does because he isn’t happy about where he ends up.
-Sitting. Over the last month he has become very stable in a sitting position. He can sit for long periods of time and rarely tips over, although when he does he usually isn’t too happy about it but I can’t blame him.
-Laughing. Luc has been laughing (full out belly laughing) for about a month now. However, he does not give the giggles up easily. Mostly he finds his brothers hilarious, especially when Jay is “dancing” for him and he likes when Mommy and Daddy jump around.
-Sleeping. We are finally getting back to a more normal sleeping schedule. Luc was sleeping for 6 hour stretches around 3 months but regressed a bit when we had feeding issue and I had to wake him up in the night but now that things have improved he usually goes to bed around 8:30, eats around 1:30 and then again around 7. Naps are a little more inconsistent with Luc than they were with the other boys, mostly because we have no choice. Morning naps are hit or miss but he usually gets in one good afternoon nap and if I am lucky I sometimes nap with him.

-Bath Time. Up until the last two weeks or so we had been giving Luc baths in the kitchen sink; however, he has gotten pretty big to put in the sink tub so we have been bathing him in the big tub. He enjoyed the baths and water before but now he LOVES bath time. He smiles really big when we start to undress him (he knows the routine and what is coming) and he loves to splash around in the tub. He especially loves it when his brothers get to have a bath with him. He thinks they are hilarious and smiles the biggest smiles when they are “splashing” with him.
-Peek-a-boo. Almost every night after bath time Daddy and Luc play peek-a-boo while he is wrapped up in a towel and he loves it. You are guaranteed a smile while playing and are sometimes rewarded with a laugh too.
-Books. Luc loves being read to or listening to stories that are being read to his brothers. I know that it is partially that he just enjoys being spoken too, especially since he also really loves to be sung to, but I really hope that he will enjoy books as much as the other boys.
-His Brothers. There really isn’t much that Luc likes more than his two brothers. He is constantly watching them, smiling at them and laughing at them. They in turn are enamored with him and to this day one of the biggest problems that we have with Jay and Charlie in regards to Luc is limiting how often/how much they can love on him.

-Loud noises. This really isn’t anything to be shocked about but when someone screams (our house is rarely quiet) it usually startles him and he will let you know that he is not happy about that.

Luc- 6 months

Luc- 6 months

Luc- 6 months

Luc- 6 months

Luc- 6 months old

yummy feet Luc- 6 months old

Luc- 6 months

Jay at 6 months
Charlie at 6 months

today I am

happy 5 month old!
5 months old.  I know that this post is a month late but I like being able to look back on them and see what the boys were doing at the time so bear with me while I catch up.

Height- I am not sure since I didn’t actually measure him

Weight- 10lbs 4oz (on December 12) and 11lbs 7oz (on December 19, one week later)

Teeth- none yet

Things of Note

-Luc is moving around quite a bit now. He can roll over both ways although he isn’t in the phase where he rolls to get what he wants just yet. He is pushing up and looking around frequently and always wants to know what is going on with his brothers.

-He gave his first true laugh the day he turned 5 months old. It was a small one but a laugh none the less. He is still super smiley but he apparently saves the laughs until things are super funny.

-Sleep is sort of a sore subject (for me at least) since we aren’t getting much of it. He was doing really well and sleeping almost through the night (at least as far as a baby is concerned) but now that we have had to wake him up for feedings he has gotten used to being up and is waking 2-3 times a night. It has been hard going back from having slept more to this but I keep hoping that after he continues to gain weight that we will be on the right track and he won’t be up as much.

-Weight. His weight has gone up but we are still working on figuring out a long term plan that will work for all of us. He is such a happy little boy it has made it hard to first decide that there was a problem and then to figure out what to do about it. However, thing are improving and the doctors are pleased with the gains that he has made.

-Sitting. Luc has just recently decided that sitting is fun. He still has to sit with assistance; however, he enjoys being able to look around and check out what is going on around him. His other current favorite position is on his back since he doesn’t topple over and can still see everything that is going on around him.


-His brothers. He gives the biggest smiles for Charlie and Jay and I think they are the two that will eventually be able to get him to full on belly laugh. Their relationship with each other is really sweet to watch and I love how much they adore each other.

-Being sung to regardless of if you can sing or not. Both Jay and I aren’t really gifted in carrying a tune; however, sweet Luc doesn’t seem to mind. He is happy with whomever will sing to him and it can usually cure his fussiness if he is getting upset.

-Books. Luc has really taken to looking at the pictures in books and he loves listing to stories; whether he is being directly read to or if he is just listening along when we read to his brothers.

-Piper and Bella. Just recently Luc has taken notice of the animals around the house. He will follow them while they walk through the room and he usually gives them a smile when he sees them.


-To be honest there isn’t much that Luc doesn’t like… Really the only thing that comes to mind is being hungry. When he gets tot the “feed me now” phase (which is usually some time in the middle of the night) there is really nothing that will calm him aside from food. But really other than that he is pretty much happy all of the time.

Jay at 5 months

Charlie at 5 months

Luc 5 months

Luc 5 months old

Luc 5 months old

so happy about sitting up

Luc 5 months old

Luc 5 months old

a letter for my two year old

silly goofy Charlie at 2 years old
I have a whole bunch of other photos that I took at your “two year old shoot” and I will share them soon but this one is how I want to remember you at this age because it is so totally you…

My sweet Charlie,
Well my sweet boy as I sit here I know that I will not be able to find the right words to accurately describe how much I delight in you. You are my joy, the smile that tugs at my heart the way no other can and quite simply you have stolen my heart along with many others I am afraid…

I am not really sure where to even begin or if I am going to be able to describe you, little one. You are spunky and real and so beautifully created. I am not quite sure how you fit such a big personality in that tiny body of yours! Your Daddy likes to say that you have more personality in your little finger than he does in his whole body; and while that isn’t entirely true I am not sure how else to describe it. You basically have me and the rest of the world wrapped around your little finger because when you smile I am a goner and whatever you want, it’s yours. This is not to say that you are spoiled or rotten because you’re not, your wants are not great or demanding- a taste of Mommy’s “dink”, to use the big boy cup (that not even Jay gets to use), an extra push on the swing, one more bike ride with Daddy, a few more minutes to “make” your Duplo towers before supper, a bite… heck, sometimes the whole bowl… of whatever Mommy or Daddy are eating, extra bubbles in the bath, to be picked up even though I am holding Luc and about three other things. I don’t mind giving into your demands, you just have a way about you that makes giving easy. You have taught me so much because of this.

Lately, I have had the pleasure of more one-on-one time with you. While Luc is sleeping and Jay is at school, I get you all to myself and I am drinking you in. We read stories and build towers, explore the front yard or trace your hands on the driveway with chalk, we cuddle with your blue blankey, we dance in the kitchen or bake together (all the while with you “tasting” to make sure that everything checks out). You are my helper and my buddy throughout the day; helping me to carry things or just keeping me company while I do things around the house. Your hugs are the best and usually start with you running from across the room- so big and all encompassing just like you. Joy and happiness are still two of the best words to describe you, simply put you are just happy to exist! You delight in the little things and when you smile it’s like you know a secret that I can’t wait another minute to know. In the same breath, you are trouble and I have said that from day one. You are stubborn and opinionated and you like to get your own way. You have your Daddy’s determination and pigheadedness and darn if you won’t give in. You are going to give your Daddy and me a run for our money and while I am excited for what is to come I am also a little afraid of what all you are going to put us through!

You love your brothers both Jay and Luc in such unique ways. You are Jay’s playmate and cohort; you will get each other into more trouble than I care to imagine. You are constantly imagining things and fighting monsters and bears with each other or chasing and laughing until you can’t anymore. And while you have yet to full out wrestle with each other I know that it is coming although I know that you will be able to hold your own. But with Luc you are sweet and gentle. You dote on him and tend to his every need. Bringing him paci’s, covering him up with your blanket and asking to kiss his sweet head so frequently. You are the only one to call him Luc-y and it melts me when you do.

Charlie, I hope you always run to things with open arms and a joyful heart, that you continue to delight in the little things and smile as though you know all of the secrets. Promise to share a few of them with me from time to time and I will promise to continue to be your champion, your cheerleader and the one that you can run to. I have no doubt that you will accomplish great things and touch many lives sweet boy since you already have. The best is yet to come and I am so excited to be along for the ride.

Happy Birthday my sweet two year old!


today I am

Luc- 4 months
4 months old… well on the 15th he was, again I am posting late! Even though I am late posting these I am going to anyway; life is crazy busy right now but I know looking back I will appreciate the time I took to write all of this down.

Weight 9lbs 7oz
Height- 24 inches
Head- 50%

Things of Note-
*Weight- His weight has been a bit of a concern, he’s in the 3% currently, since he’s such a peanut. However, we are working hard on stuffing him with tons of extra calories (I am either nursing or pumping around the clock pretty much) and while it has been really tough we have seen improvements in his weight gain and are thrilled! The work isn’t over yet (any and all prayers are still welcome) but things are getting much better.
*He is really the easiest most laid back baby ever! He adores being around people and pretty much happy ALL of the time. There are very few times during the day that he is upset (aside from when he is tired or hungry, and even then it’s not a huge fussing) but aside from that he usually has a huge smile plastered on his face. He really is such a joy to be around!!
*Rolling- He has started rolling front to back but hasn’t gone back to front yet.
*Teething- If I had to guess I would say that the teething process has started, although I would be surprised if he actually got teeth within the next month.
*Luc has really started noticing things and grabbing for stuff. This can be a little problematic from time to time but it’s fun to see that he is starting to notice things around him.

*Being able to see what is going on- Luc loves to face out and be able to see what is going on. He doesn’t want to miss any of that action that is going on around him and always has his little head peering around to see what is going on.
*Blowing Bubbles- he has some ridiculous bubble blowing skills right now. Frequently, you will look over and he has a bubble fountain running down his chin. The downside to this is most definitely that is shirts are usually soaking wet; oh well, nothing a bib can’t help with.
*Being sung to. It’s no secret that my voice is not stellar; however, on the rare occasion that Luc is upset he calms right down when he is being sung to.
*Playing “games”- along with being sung to Luc really enjoys patty-cake, roll-polly and other games where you play with his arms and hands!
*crinkle Toys and Wooden Teethers-
*listening to stories- we don’t get as much time to read to Luc on his own as I would like to but he certainly loves listening to stories along with his bothers.
*his brothers- he adores them, smiles at them all of the time and when he is fussy they can usually make him happy. He soaks up their attention and they love on him SO much. It’s so sweet to watch.

Honestly other than being cold there is not much that this little cutie doesn’t like. He is super patient and really not all that needy. He lets his brothers love all over him and never brings up a compliant! He has been such a welcomed addition to our family and we are enjoying ever minute of watching him grow.

Luc 4 months old

sweet boy sitting up while assisted

Luc 4 months

wide eyes

hands are tasty

famous Luc smiles

Jay at 4 Months
Charlie at 4 Months