today i am

Luc- 9 months

9 months old!!

Stats- We go to the Doctor for a check up on Monday, I will update the stats after we get back.



teeth- 3, two on the bottom and one on the top. He is working hard to get that other top one to poke through it just isn’t quite there yet.

Things of Note:

Sleeping- Luc is sleeping like a champ. He gets put to bed between 7-8 every night and wakes up between 7-8 the next morning. He does babble and talk while he sleeps (Dadada, dadada) but other than that we usually don’t hear from him. At night he is still sleeping in our room in the pack and play; however, we are looking to transition him into the crib in Charlie’s room. As for naps he usually sleeps for 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon and occasionally in the morning too. Our morning routine is far less predictable because of school drop off and pick up.

Crawling- Luc is really on the move now. He is full-on crawling and can get anywhere he would like to right now. He usually takes his time and moves at his own pace; however, if he does see something that he wants he will make a break for it (he breaks out the fast crawling) to get whatever he wants.

Standing- he is pulling up and standing at everything that he can right now. He hasn’t taken any interest in cruising yet. Which is absolutely fine by me. I know that he will be walking before we know it and I am in no hurry to rush him.

Eating- Luc is still eating really well. He loves homemade purees (sweet potato is still his favorite) but has also taken a stab at pretty much anything I put on his highchair tray. Like we did with the other boys I usually take a look at what we are having for supper and give a little taste of whatever he would be able to have. So far he really likes pancakes and waffles.


*Music Table- he loves to pull up at the music table and push buttons until his heart’s content. He doesn’t dance with it yet but he does love pushing the buttons.

*Bathtime- He will splash the night away in the tub if we let him. He loves to play in the water and if his brothers are in the tub and he isn’t, he crawls into the bathroom to find them.

*Shoelaces/Shoes- now that Luc is on the move we need to be more diligent about putting our shoes in the cubby because if they are out he will find them and he likes to chew on them- I know, it’s gross!

*Stacking cups- Luc really enjoys banging his stacking cups together. He’s not so much of a build and knock it down kid but he enjoys banging them together to make noise. This really goes for any toy actually. If he isn’t chewing on it, he is banging things together to make noise.

*His brothers-  without a doubt Luc adores his two big brothers. Although he will smile at anyone, his brothers are able to get the biggest smiles out of him. He is constantly looking to see where they are and crawling to be in the room with him.


Being tired or hungry, but only really tired or really hungry. This category is a stretch here because he doesn’t really have many things that he doesn’t like (honestly, I get asked frequently if he ever cries). He really is the best and sweetest baby ever.

I am not sure that I can find the correct words to describe what a delight this little one is. We haven’t spent a ton of time teaching him tricks (clapping, waving etc) so he isn’t doing any of those things yet and he was slower to crawl etc but really he is so laid back and easy that it’s almost as if I need to remind myself that he’s around sometimes. He fits into our family so seamlessly, he goes with the flow and greets each new day or circumstance with a smile on his face. I sincerely hope that he continues to delight in everything and find joy and peace in the world around him.

Luc- 9 months

Luc- 9 months

Luc- 9 months

Jay and Charlie “helped” me to take Luc’s photos today ;)
My photo helpers

my boys

not so helpful helpers

Luc- 9 months old

Jay at 9 months
Charlie at 9 months

Also, click here and here to see the 7 and 8 month Luc updates. I was a little behind on posting them so you may have missed them.

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