one day…

One day I won’t trip over piles of cars and duplo that clutter our floor, one day I will be able to sit on our couch without being asked to move so Charlie can drive his “truck/boat/etc” or Jay can have a race, one day I won’t have crumbs under our kitchen table and dirty hands to wash after they help in the kitchen, one day I won’t be asked for story after story and kiss after kiss before bedtime, one day I won’t have a baby to snuggle before bed, or hear baby snores in the middle of the night, one day I will be able to hear Jamie as we sit across the table from each other at dinner and one day our house will be quiet and not quite so much of a constant zoo.

Raising small children is hard. My days are full and busy. The time I have to myself is limited and often interrupted. But this season of my life is fleeting and I pray constantly that I can fully understand that and  that I can truly appreciate all of the ordinary moments that make my life so extraordinary.

I sincerely wish that I had more time to post photos of my adorable boys because I do take them (my older self with thank me for this I am sure). But until I do, for those of you that still check in on this little blog of mine, my random posting will have to suffice.

Jay- 4 years old

Charlie Tuna


Charlie and Luc- brotherly love

the next two photos were taken by Charlie with my big camera ;)
Jay- constantly moving

big smiles from Jay

Charlie and Jay- fancy brothers

Charlie- quite the stinker!

Luc- such a big boy sitting up on his own

Luc- finally getting his hands on some real food

4 thoughts on “one day…

  1. Those are pictures worth waiting for! They tell stories all on their own without any commentary. Your time with those boys is very precious. Enjoy every minute of it!


  2. Looking at the happy and beautiful faces of your children and their surroundings, you are doing an extraordinary job
    of “keeping up”….. And Charlie is a photographer in the making, for sure! He has a good eye!


  3. Thank you for taking a moment to share. I know you are busy, but I miss those boys so much! See you all soon!


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