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Luc- 6 months old

6 months old!!
My baby, my sweet tiny little Luc is 6 months old today. I am pretty certain I blinked and 6 months passed me by because seriously he was JUST born. Time is flying and I am enjoying every cuddle and every stage of this little guy since I know all too well how fast it will all go.

Weight-15lbs on the dot
Height- 24.5 inches long
teeth- none as of yet

Things of Note:
-You may have noticed that this little guy has packed on a few pounds over the last month. We struggled (really, really struggled) with his weight gain for months but now we finally have things under control and Luc is starting to pack on the pounds! We were trying desperately to get him to be double his birth weight on or before his 6 month check-up and we have succeeded. Yay! It’s certainly been a journey and I am glad to be where we are with it.
-Movement. Luc is still rolling front to back and back to front but hasn’t really moved much other than that yet. He scoots a little bit on his tummy however, mostly by accident and he usually gets upset when he does because he isn’t happy about where he ends up.
-Sitting. Over the last month he has become very stable in a sitting position. He can sit for long periods of time and rarely tips over, although when he does he usually isn’t too happy about it but I can’t blame him.
-Laughing. Luc has been laughing (full out belly laughing) for about a month now. However, he does not give the giggles up easily. Mostly he finds his brothers hilarious, especially when Jay is “dancing” for him and he likes when Mommy and Daddy jump around.
-Sleeping. We are finally getting back to a more normal sleeping schedule. Luc was sleeping for 6 hour stretches around 3 months but regressed a bit when we had feeding issue and I had to wake him up in the night but now that things have improved he usually goes to bed around 8:30, eats around 1:30 and then again around 7. Naps are a little more inconsistent with Luc than they were with the other boys, mostly because we have no choice. Morning naps are hit or miss but he usually gets in one good afternoon nap and if I am lucky I sometimes nap with him.

-Bath Time. Up until the last two weeks or so we had been giving Luc baths in the kitchen sink; however, he has gotten pretty big to put in the sink tub so we have been bathing him in the big tub. He enjoyed the baths and water before but now he LOVES bath time. He smiles really big when we start to undress him (he knows the routine and what is coming) and he loves to splash around in the tub. He especially loves it when his brothers get to have a bath with him. He thinks they are hilarious and smiles the biggest smiles when they are “splashing” with him.
-Peek-a-boo. Almost every night after bath time Daddy and Luc play peek-a-boo while he is wrapped up in a towel and he loves it. You are guaranteed a smile while playing and are sometimes rewarded with a laugh too.
-Books. Luc loves being read to or listening to stories that are being read to his brothers. I know that it is partially that he just enjoys being spoken too, especially since he also really loves to be sung to, but I really hope that he will enjoy books as much as the other boys.
-His Brothers. There really isn’t much that Luc likes more than his two brothers. He is constantly watching them, smiling at them and laughing at them. They in turn are enamored with him and to this day one of the biggest problems that we have with Jay and Charlie in regards to Luc is limiting how often/how much they can love on him.

-Loud noises. This really isn’t anything to be shocked about but when someone screams (our house is rarely quiet) it usually startles him and he will let you know that he is not happy about that.

Luc- 6 months

Luc- 6 months

Luc- 6 months

Luc- 6 months

Luc- 6 months old

yummy feet Luc- 6 months old

Luc- 6 months

Jay at 6 months
Charlie at 6 months

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  1. Looked at all three of them at 6 months!!! Amazing resemblance!!! Jay’s copper hair does set him apart, but they are all so similar and darling!!!!! Beautiful boys!!!!!


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