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Luc- 7 months

7 months old!

It’s crazy how long the days feel but how quickly the weeks, months and years are flying past. It surprises me every time I realize how big my little ones are getting. It also makes me want to hold tight to them and tell them to stop growing up! I know that it isn’t going to happen any time soon so I will keep snuggling while I can and stealing as many kisses as possible.

I know these updates are pretty late but I post them for my future self. The one that will not want to forget any of these precious tiny moments. Because really it’s all of the little things that make it all worth while ;)

Weight- 17lbs 2oz
teeth- still none

Things of note-
*Mobility- we are close to crawling but not at the same point. I currently call him my little inch bug because he scoots all around the room while he is playing; however, he isn’t moving intentionally. It usually happens when he reaches really far for a toy and then scoots his bottom to sit back up straight again. It’s a little movement but it allows him to inch around a whole room. He isn’t up on all fours yet and isn’t rocking but it won’t be long.
*Eating- He’s been much better on the eating front and gaining weight like a champ. He eats solids at supper with us and his favorites so far are the coconut sweet potato puree and pears. Although, he hasn’t really turned his nose up at anything. He also has been really getting the hang of puffs lately and loves having a tray full after his supper is finished.
*Talking- Luc is babbling and grunting up a storm, he does have to keep up with his brothers after all ;)
*Belly Laughs- Luc is quite ticklish and will give up the giggles pretty easily right now. His laugh is infectious and precious- I love it!

*Water!! Luc LOVES bath time! He squeals and flaps his arms like crazy whenever he realizes that he is headed into the tub. He will play for such a long time in there and loves to splash. I am really looking forward to it warming up so I can pull out the kiddie pool and let him splash until his heart’s content.
*His brothers- Nothing else amuses, entertains or will make Luc belly laugh quite like his brothers. The love him so much (some times a little too much) and the feeling is mutual for sure. He is constantly looking for them, watching them and enjoying their company. I love how sweet their relationships already are.
*Playing- Luc really enjoys sitting on the floor and playing with toys (sometimes for quite a while). He doesn’t have any huge preferences with toys, although the stacking cups and toy wooden measuring spoons are ranked pretty high.

*Being on his back. This is a stretch for me to find something that he doesn’t really like. However, if there is one thing that he doesn’t enjoy it is being on his back. He rolls onto his back and while he can roll back onto his front, he usually gets upset and fussy until he is sat back up again.

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Luc- 7 months

Jay at 7 months

Charlie at 7 months

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