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Luc- 4 months
4 months old… well on the 15th he was, again I am posting late! Even though I am late posting these I am going to anyway; life is crazy busy right now but I know looking back I will appreciate the time I took to write all of this down.

Weight 9lbs 7oz
Height- 24 inches
Head- 50%

Things of Note-
*Weight- His weight has been a bit of a concern, he’s in the 3% currently, since he’s such a peanut. However, we are working hard on stuffing him with tons of extra calories (I am either nursing or pumping around the clock pretty much) and while it has been really tough we have seen improvements in his weight gain and are thrilled! The work isn’t over yet (any and all prayers are still welcome) but things are getting much better.
*He is really the easiest most laid back baby ever! He adores being around people and pretty much happy ALL of the time. There are very few times during the day that he is upset (aside from when he is tired or hungry, and even then it’s not a huge fussing) but aside from that he usually has a huge smile plastered on his face. He really is such a joy to be around!!
*Rolling- He has started rolling front to back but hasn’t gone back to front yet.
*Teething- If I had to guess I would say that the teething process has started, although I would be surprised if he actually got teeth within the next month.
*Luc has really started noticing things and grabbing for stuff. This can be a little problematic from time to time but it’s fun to see that he is starting to notice things around him.

*Being able to see what is going on- Luc loves to face out and be able to see what is going on. He doesn’t want to miss any of that action that is going on around him and always has his little head peering around to see what is going on.
*Blowing Bubbles- he has some ridiculous bubble blowing skills right now. Frequently, you will look over and he has a bubble fountain running down his chin. The downside to this is most definitely that is shirts are usually soaking wet; oh well, nothing a bib can’t help with.
*Being sung to. It’s no secret that my voice is not stellar; however, on the rare occasion that Luc is upset he calms right down when he is being sung to.
*Playing “games”- along with being sung to Luc really enjoys patty-cake, roll-polly and other games where you play with his arms and hands!
*crinkle Toys and Wooden Teethers-
*listening to stories- we don’t get as much time to read to Luc on his own as I would like to but he certainly loves listening to stories along with his bothers.
*his brothers- he adores them, smiles at them all of the time and when he is fussy they can usually make him happy. He soaks up their attention and they love on him SO much. It’s so sweet to watch.

Honestly other than being cold there is not much that this little cutie doesn’t like. He is super patient and really not all that needy. He lets his brothers love all over him and never brings up a compliant! He has been such a welcomed addition to our family and we are enjoying ever minute of watching him grow.

Luc 4 months old

sweet boy sitting up while assisted

Luc 4 months

wide eyes

hands are tasty

famous Luc smiles

Jay at 4 Months
Charlie at 4 Months

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