today i am…

Luc- 8 months old

8 months old!
Weight- ? I forgot to take it :(
teeth- almost 1! The very tip of Luc’s top front tooth is just starting to poke through the gum. It is barely there and it might not have been this far along had it not been for a fall and a bump to the mouth a week or so ago.

Things of Note-

*We are really close to crawling but not quite there yet. If I had to guess I would say that he will be crawling within the week. He is still scooting around very well and definitely is about to get whatever it is that he needs/wants.

*Eating- Luc is still doing really well with the pureed food and still really likes the sweet potatoes. We have added in a few finger foods- bananas mainly along with ripe fruit that is put into a teether (that he squishes with his gums but doesn’t get so much that he would choke).


*Bath time- Luc still loves bath time. He is no longer sitting assisted wight his bath chair (hasn’t actually done that for a few months) and he loves to just sit there and splash around. He does take a bath with his two older brothers which can be pretty overwhelming from time to time but he loves it none the less.
*His brothers- Luc still (and I am pretty sure will continue to do so) adores his brothers. They make him laugh, they entertain him- he will just sit there watching them for prolonged periods of time and they love on him which he loves too!


As generic as this sounds Luc’s only dislikes are being really hungry or really tired. He really is such a sweet baby ;)

I know that this is a pretty short and almost generic update but it’s just that Luc doesn’t have strong preferences. He is a laid back, easy baby. He is happy to sit on the floor and play; however, he doesn’t have a particular toy that he really enjoys playing with. He will happily play with his toy, a car really whatever is within reach and there is always something within reach. He really is such a good baby and we are so lucky that he is a part of our family.

Luc- 8 months old

Luc- 8 months old

Luc- 8 months old

Luc- 8 months old

Luc- 8 months old

Jay at 8 months old

Charlie at 8 months old

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