family pictures

I have been wanting to get some nice pictures of us as a family for some time now; you know aside from the self portrait style (which in all honestly I sometimes really love- but they have their place).  So this past Sunday Nan and her two adorable men headed over to Rollins College with us to grab a few.  My little guy wasn’t really cooperating, the ground was far more interesting than anything else around, however; Nan worked her magic and was able to grab a few that I’ll cherish forever.  Thanks friend- love you!

my favorite

man o' man do I love this guy!
might be a permanent expression on my face when this little boy gets to be mobile

love this too- my two handsome guys
the Knight family
sweet friend and the little boys
my sweet friend Nan

3 thoughts on “family pictures

  1. :)

    This was fun! We’ll have to do it again soon, although I don’t need an excuse to come see that sweet cheeks baby of yours!


  2. Beautiful families!! Great friends! What a wonderful day even if the babies didn’t cooperate completely :-)


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