for Nan :-)

If you noticed Nan’s comment on the last post she mentioned outtakes from our shoot- so Nan because I love ya (and I meant to put these up with the last post) here they are!

While we were taking pictures Jay was sitting on Jamie’s shoulders and while he was up there he spit up a little.  Normally this wouldn’t nearly be as funny; however, it took the spit up a good 15 minutes to seep through Jamie’s hair (it’s wild and sticks up a bunch) and reach his scalp.  When he finally realized we had almost finished taking pictures (so it was in his hair in most of the pictures) and I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to help him clean it off.

what's even funnier now is how nonchalant Jay seems to be during all of this

Oh and because I love these of Nan and her fellas, I will share them too… isn’t she great and her boys are pretty superb too!

beautiful, just beautiful!
one of the many reasons I love this girl
the knights

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