a letter to my Jay bird- 4 years old

4 year old Jay Bird

4 year old Jay Bird

Jay Bird,
A few days ago you sat across the kitchen table from me at lunch, grabbed two grapes and explained (correctly I might add) how the earth revolves around the sun and about night and day/light and dark. After you were finished you grabbed one of the grapes, bit it in half and jokingly announced “now there is only half of a sun!” I sat there in awe of you. Lately, you seem to be growing and maturing overnight. I am constantly amazed by all that you already know and what you are so quickly learning. I wake up one day and your pants are two inches too short and the next day you’re trying new tricks or telling me the most amazing stories. It is baffling really how easily the days turn into weeks and the weeks to months and so on. It feels like just yesterday they placed you in my arms making me a Mommy. I constantly find myself wishing for time to slow down so I can enjoy all of the craziness that is our life right now but for whatever reason time keeps speeding past me like your constant car races- zooming by with endless speed, energy and enthusiasm.

Speed, energy and enthusiasm are wonderful ways to describe you these days kiddo. You, for the most part, are a ball of constantly moving energy. You don’t sit still, you are constantly moving and always have something new and fun “planned”.  You frequently say “I was thinking…” or “Mommy, don’t you think that is a good idea?” inserting whatever new plan you have.  You are still infatuated with cars and race them daily. When you have been away at school you come home and go straight to racing without much talking or awareness of anything else for that matter. It’s as though you have gone through withdrawal while you were away and need to get your fix as soon as humanly possible. While racing, you dream up scenarios and stories for your cars and lately you have built elaborate “sets” with our wooden blocks to race your cars in. I am not exactly sure how long this infatuation of yours will last but right now it is still holding strong.

Aside from racing cars you still love the outdoors and adore being able to run, play soccer, hit the ball off of the tee or ride your bike while you are out there. You would dance in the rain every chance you got if I would let you and dig in our sandbox until the sun is down and you can no longer see. You are moving from sun up to sun down lately, which has honestly been a bit of a challenge. We’ve been making it work with a mandatory “rest” time in the afternoon although it is seldom that you actually “rest” during rest time. You usually are racing your cars or reading quietly in your room. You want so desperately to be able to read on your own right now and are making great strides towards achieving that. You know your letters and numbers like the back of your hand and are starting to recognize the sounds of words and letters. It truly is amazing to me how much you absorb these days. You have really enjoyed going to school (no real surprise there) and Mrs. Coates is usually complementary of how much you know and what a nice friend you are. I am so proud of you sweet boy! Aside from books and cars, your other love would have to be art right now. Frequently, you ask if you can color, draw or paint. Most of your pictures are of cars or of you with other people. You are getting really good and most of your pictures are easily deciphered without much explanation. You add details that are so accurate and will color for hours if I let you.

Kiddo you are exhaustingly awesome and each day you make me so proud to be your Mommy. You love hard, you play hard and you do most everything 110% of the way (Daddy’s note: this dedication includes your stall-tactics). This is not to say that we don’t have struggles dear boy because we certainly have. 3 was really tough, but nothing that we haven’t been able to work through. I love watching you grow. I love watching your learn new things and I love the bone crushing hugs that you so easily give. I hope that you continue to greet each day like it is an adventure, an adventure to be met with enthusiasm, curiosity and a kind heart. You will go far sweet boy, I have no doubt, and I am thankful every day that you are taking me along for the ride.

I love you sweet boy!

happy new year

2013 year in review…

We played outside (in diapers and underwear since it was SO warm), Jay learned how to ride his first bike and we celebrated his 3rd Birthday!
Charlie playing outside

Jay's third birthday

Jay learning to ride his push bike

We made some updates around the house, I painted some new bedroom furniture, Jay was potty trained and Charlie really started running around.
furniture update

potty training

Charlie running- 02/2013

We enjoyed a little bit of a cold front, found out that we would be welcoming another baby boy to the family, built our super cool backyard fort and hosted the shrimp boil.
it's a boy

fort building

building a fort

We battled some a nasty cold where Charlie had to do breathing treatments, I finished Jay’s quilt, we played with cars, played outside and enjoyed our new slip and slide.
Charlie completing a breathing treatment

Jay's quilt

playing with cars

slip and slide

We celebrated Charlie’s half birthday, we grew butterflies, we played out front in our kiddie pool, started swimming again and played outside in the rain.
Charlie's half birthday


kiddie pool fun

pool fun!

playing in the rain

mud covered Charlie

Charlie got his first haircut, we took a trip to Starbucks Springs, we swam a whole lot, I painted the boys joint big boy room and we vacationed in Anna Maria Island with family.


canoeing with Daddy

the big boys shared room


Anna Maria Island

We welcomed our third beautiful baby boy, Luc, into the world, Jamie and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and I turned 31 years old.

Luc and Mommy

three boys

We spent a lot of time in the pool, the boys finished their swimming lessons and Jay started preschool 3 days a week.

swimming stud


Jay starts school

We visited with extended family while they were in town, attended Jay’s first school parade and swam some more!
Memere and Luc

Jay's school parade


ring diving


pool tricks

Jamie celebrated his 33rd birthday, worked out the kinks of our new shared sleeping arrangements and therefore battled with some very tired boys; we built a whole lot of duplo towers, made some pretty adorable Halloween costumes and battled off some terrible preschool germs.
built towers

more tower building

hanging out

sleepy Charlie

sleepy boys

sleepy Jay

Jay attended his first Florida State football game with Jamie, Charlie celebrated his 2nd birthday and we enjoyed visiting with family when they were in town visiting.
birthday boy

uncle scott and auntie frannie

perreault family

We decorated our house for the holidays, enjoyed Jay’s preschool Christmas program, took a trip to Terra Ceia and enjoyed holidays with our boys and extended families.

christmas tree

Terra Ceia
merry Christmas!

Every January as I look back at our year I can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed. We have had a wonderful 2013 and I can’t wait to see what 2014 is going to bring!

a letter for my two year old

silly goofy Charlie at 2 years old
I have a whole bunch of other photos that I took at your “two year old shoot” and I will share them soon but this one is how I want to remember you at this age because it is so totally you…

My sweet Charlie,
Well my sweet boy as I sit here I know that I will not be able to find the right words to accurately describe how much I delight in you. You are my joy, the smile that tugs at my heart the way no other can and quite simply you have stolen my heart along with many others I am afraid…

I am not really sure where to even begin or if I am going to be able to describe you, little one. You are spunky and real and so beautifully created. I am not quite sure how you fit such a big personality in that tiny body of yours! Your Daddy likes to say that you have more personality in your little finger than he does in his whole body; and while that isn’t entirely true I am not sure how else to describe it. You basically have me and the rest of the world wrapped around your little finger because when you smile I am a goner and whatever you want, it’s yours. This is not to say that you are spoiled or rotten because you’re not, your wants are not great or demanding- a taste of Mommy’s “dink”, to use the big boy cup (that not even Jay gets to use), an extra push on the swing, one more bike ride with Daddy, a few more minutes to “make” your Duplo towers before supper, a bite… heck, sometimes the whole bowl… of whatever Mommy or Daddy are eating, extra bubbles in the bath, to be picked up even though I am holding Luc and about three other things. I don’t mind giving into your demands, you just have a way about you that makes giving easy. You have taught me so much because of this.

Lately, I have had the pleasure of more one-on-one time with you. While Luc is sleeping and Jay is at school, I get you all to myself and I am drinking you in. We read stories and build towers, explore the front yard or trace your hands on the driveway with chalk, we cuddle with your blue blankey, we dance in the kitchen or bake together (all the while with you “tasting” to make sure that everything checks out). You are my helper and my buddy throughout the day; helping me to carry things or just keeping me company while I do things around the house. Your hugs are the best and usually start with you running from across the room- so big and all encompassing just like you. Joy and happiness are still two of the best words to describe you, simply put you are just happy to exist! You delight in the little things and when you smile it’s like you know a secret that I can’t wait another minute to know. In the same breath, you are trouble and I have said that from day one. You are stubborn and opinionated and you like to get your own way. You have your Daddy’s determination and pigheadedness and darn if you won’t give in. You are going to give your Daddy and me a run for our money and while I am excited for what is to come I am also a little afraid of what all you are going to put us through!

You love your brothers both Jay and Luc in such unique ways. You are Jay’s playmate and cohort; you will get each other into more trouble than I care to imagine. You are constantly imagining things and fighting monsters and bears with each other or chasing and laughing until you can’t anymore. And while you have yet to full out wrestle with each other I know that it is coming although I know that you will be able to hold your own. But with Luc you are sweet and gentle. You dote on him and tend to his every need. Bringing him paci’s, covering him up with your blanket and asking to kiss his sweet head so frequently. You are the only one to call him Luc-y and it melts me when you do.

Charlie, I hope you always run to things with open arms and a joyful heart, that you continue to delight in the little things and smile as though you know all of the secrets. Promise to share a few of them with me from time to time and I will promise to continue to be your champion, your cheerleader and the one that you can run to. I have no doubt that you will accomplish great things and touch many lives sweet boy since you already have. The best is yet to come and I am so excited to be along for the ride.

Happy Birthday my sweet two year old!


missing you

new blooms

Grandpa would have been 83 years old today and not a day goes by that we don’t miss him. Which is why I am always thankful for the constant reminders of his presence. Like new tomatoes growing in the garden and a handful of new blooms on the tababula tree out back that he grew from seed. It’s the little things that make these difficult days just that much more bearable.


I don’t take many “formal” photos of the boys; however, I do try to make an effort on their birthdays and half birthdays to get some official/planned/shoot-like photos of them, especially since they are growing so quickly these days. And while they may be growing up quickly, I am not apparently quick to post the photos so please excuse the tardiness of the photos and focus on how darn cute our little bird is.

Jay 3 years old

Jay 3 years

book lover

book lover- Jay 3 years

Jay 3 years


the big 3

Jay 3 years

Jay 3 years

Jay 3 years

Jay 3 years

racing his cars

more cars

Jay- 3 years old

Jay and his cars

Jay- 3 years old

Jay 3 years old

close up

Jay and elephant

Jay and elephant

Jay and elephant

Jay and elephant

cool dude Jay

not entirely in focus but I love this one


Jay 3 years old

sweet boy

silly boy

and just because he will still hold my hand...

big boy bike

Jamie and I have been waiting a while before going ahead and purchasing Jay his first bike.  After a little bit of thought (mostly on Jamie’s part since I didn’t have many opinions on the topic) we settled on getting him a pedaless bike (also known as a push bike, balance bike, glider bike).  He is getting better by the day at pushing/gliding on his bike and I am having a hard time keeping up with them now that he is really getting the hang of it. And yes this is the same bike you spied a few days ago in Charlie’s 15 month post.

Waiting for his surprise…

waiting for his surprise present


very excited about his bike

his bike!

trying it out

his bike

his new bike

riding with Daddy

party animal

These are old, from Jay’s party, but I never got a chance to post them and I wanted to so here they are. All this sweet three year old wanted for his birthday party was to have cupcakes (with blue icing specifically) and chips (tortilla chips, the “diamond shaped ones”). We also added an ice cream sundae bar at the last minute because really who needs an excuse for ice cream? Not this girl, that’s for sure ;)

So here it is, nothing fancy but every bit as celebrated!

chalkboard birthday stats

the table

the ice cream selections

cupcakes with blue icing

happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you...

he loved having people sing to him



Charlie liked them too ;)