a little less grumpy

I am grumpy and was grumpy when I wrote that last post- wanna know why? Because I have a cold- an old fashioned stuffy nose, sore throat, ears popping head cold! So I apologize for the honesty of the last post, I didn’t realize that some of the ache that I was feeling was this wonderful head cold coming on…

I woke up this morning looking pretty pitiful, tired and having not slept much last night (no, I am not going to post a picture- if you need confirmation ask Jamie, he will tell you just how pitiful I was this morning). So as I contemplated rolling over and not getting out of bed today at all (except for bathroom breaks of course) the sweet little boy that is growing inside of me rolled over, kicked a few times (gently) and said good morning… I am in love and slightly less grumpy now…

the things that they don’t tell you…

Warning- this is a terribly honest post. The sensor I had pre-pregnancy that made me into a somewhat reserved but always polite person has all but flown out of the window. I tend now to think something and then say it, or in this case write it and then post it for all of the world to see…

Recently, I have had conversations about the things pregnancy/birth related that people just don’t tell you before you get pregnant. One sweet dear person that I was talking to most recently said, “It’s like mothers join a club after having a baby and they all tell you that pregnancy is a wonderful and precious experience- you should do it, go ahead get pregnant. They convince you to think that it’s all rainbows and sprinkles so you go ahead and commit. Then when you do they say Ha, Sucker!! Now that you are committed and cannot back out let me tell you the truth about what really happens…” It’s evil and well just not nice!

I fortunately, have had a few dear friends that have told me the things that the books forget to mention. I was fully committed at the time when I came to these realizations but the honesty has been nice, a little nerve racking, but nice just the same. I have been warned about all of the following
-the placenta that just “hangs out” in the delivery room after birth like someone actually wants to see it at that point. Why don’t they take it away or cover it up??
-about all of the possible things that I may do during delivery (I won’t speak of them here in the hope that some of them won’t happen to me)
-about the things that I won’t be able to do post delivery
-the tremendous postpartum mood swings that make you think you are going insane (as if I don’t have big enough mood swings as it is- so sorry Jamie)
-the extreme difficulty post delivery that I will have performing anything that was once a normal bodily function
-that for the first little bit (at least) laughing, coughing or sneezing will scare the daylights out of me because who know what will pop out of me or just pop for that matter. Laughing- really?? I love to laugh, especially when I am sleep deprived, which I am told I will most definitely be…
Does this sound like rainbows and sprinkles, nope I think not. What I am thinking right now is that this kid better be cute! That and
-I cannot get comfortable to save my life right now.
-When did I become one of those people that needs an extra pillow behind my back while sitting in a chair?
-Why didn’t anyone tell me that I would have to gather momentum to get myself out of bed or off of the couch?
-I wonder just how often I spend in the bathroom per day? On second thought, I probably don’t want to know.
-I think we should come up with a new term for waddle, one that is endearing and maybe even sexy.
-Since when do I have long legs, they seem to be growing the more I have to tie my shoes.
-“Squirrel!” I have a case of adult ADD at it’s finest.
-I cannot wear my rings anymore and my toes are starting to resemble sausages.
-I didn’t think that it was possible for my stomach to be relocated and squished into my rib cage.
-Since when did the kicks from my precious little boy change from endearing to jolting and distracting…
Honesty- I told you, my sensor is broken. However, all that being said I do promise to be honest with anyone that asks, I am starting a new club and anyone willing to share the gruesome and the gory is welcome to join.

dilema solved :-)

What happens when your pregnant wife wants hamburgers but you only have hot dog buns in the house??? You, the genius that you are, come up with this delicious meal…

I think Jamie called them burger-dogs; he’s cute and he’s sweet- I think I’ll keep him.

redeeming picture

Okay I am going to try and redeem myself with this following picture that we took yesterday before heading out on our errands. I have been trying to make more of an effort to take more pictures of us since we seem to have everything else under the sun but those kind of pictures. I think its pretty cute and I like the wreath in the background (it matches with Jamie’s shirt)… and more importantly, it is way better than the one that we took at the Wing House.

4 years- WOW!

Four years ago tonight I meet up with a dear friend from school- Lisa, Lisa’s husband- Fernando, my father-in-law- George (who I only knew a the time as a former administrator at my high school) and my now husband- Jamie. This was the first time we had met, and it was over wings and beer at Ker’s Wing House- romantic isn’t it? Lisa asked me about a week prior to this evening if I would be interested in meeting Jamie, to which I replied “Sure, what have I got to loose?”

I went to this “date” with an open mind and a friendly attitude; hoping to at least make a new friend. I had two beers (Bud Light, which I thought was good beer at the time- I had a lot to learn, I know) and maybe two wings- I wasn’t really hungry so I didn’t eat much and well, I sat and listened to the conversation going on around me. Jamie and I sat on far ends of the table during “dinner” and I am not sure that we uttered more than two maybe three sentences to each other throughout the night. However, after everyone else left we stayed and talked by my car for 2 or more hours- apparently he didn’t judge me too much for the lack of eating and my taste in beer :)
We go back every year on the 8th to celebrate our “first date” and to chow down on beer and wings (just Jamie participated in the beer drinking tonight). At the time I never would have guessed that we would be married within the next nine months or even dating for that matter; when I look back I cannot believe how far we have come! It really makes me appreciate dear friends and taking chances because when you think that you have nothing to loose you may in fact have everything and then some to gain…

just for fun- the oldest picture that I could find of us when looking tonight, it was taken when Jamie took me sailing on our first trip to Terra Ceia

picture of me and Jamie from last year’s Wing House anniversary dinner

a picture from tonight- I know, it’s fuzzy and not great but we were trying to take our own picture and be quick about it… maybe next year’s will turn out better

Halloween Recap

I know that this holiday has gone and passed us by but I have too many pictures not to post about it. In general I don’t much care for Halloween. I am not all about jumping on board with a holiday who’s primary joy is frightening people (I scare easily by the way and don’t enjoy it). I also don’t think that just because it is Halloween that anyone and everyone should be given a free pass to look like a tramp- via naughty nurse, french maid, or scandalous witch; however, that is a whole other post in itself.

Jamie and I participated in many non-scary holiday related activities and had a blast!! We hosted a pumpkin carvin’ party at our place on Friday- thanks to all who came, it was fun. We also went out to the St. Luke’s trunk or treat on Saturday to see my favorite little lobster and his chefs and then came home and passed out candy with our neighbors on their porch. We didn’t get many kids that night but there was a Tigger that stopped by that made sitting out there all night worth while- he was sooo cute.
Hope your fright-night festivities were just as fun as ours, enjoy the pictures…

some of our carvin’ participants, busy in the planning stages

cleaning out the inside of our pumpkin so my dear hubby didn’t have to get his hands dirty :-)

the finished products- Grim Reaper, Stork, FL Gator (not ours btw), and the nickelodeon character- Binya Binya Pollywog

a close up of our stork, sorry you cannot see his legs

Piper posing with me in my pumpkin outfit

do you need an explanation?

my favorite “dish” around and his amazing chefs



one of Leyton and Madison (Leyton’s friend)- this is what I think they are saying…
M: “What have our parents done to us this time??”
L: “Don’t know, but you have funny things strapped to your back”
M: “Me, you’re talking about me?? YOU have four eyes right now buddy”

Holy Crap!!

So yesterday I had this moment, maybe it happened when I was scheduling the remainder of my appointments until our little one’s birth or maybe when I realized that I had lost track of how much time I spent in the bathroom that day, I am not quite sure; however, the moment went something like this…

I am pregnant! Holy Crap!!!!! How FREAKIN’ cool is that?!?!?
I know that you might be thinking “Is she crazy?? Hasn’t she realized that she is pregnant already? I mean, come on she will be 7 months this week!!” Nope, I hadn’t. It hadn’t sunk it yet for me. You would think that the positive preggo test, the multiple ultrasounds where I saw a baby, the crib in the room that we now refer to as the nursery, or the fact that my feet are becoming more and more difficult to see might have tipped me off a little but nope none of that did the trick…
So as of right now, I am sitting in the office chair bouncing with excitement and anxiously waiting for Jamie to get home so he can be excited with me! By the way, when I revealed this “moment” to him he simply said “welcome to the party honey!” This is a party I could get used to :-)

a picture from this past weekend- I think that it’s probably our first visibly preggo couple pic

I didn’t forget…

cuddlin’ with Piper

snoozin’ with kitties

I did not forget to post that my wonderful hubby turned 29 this past Wednesday, time just slipped away from me…

Jamie, I cannot believe how far we have come and what new adventures we are about to take on. You are the most amazing husband and I cannot wait to become a parent with you… I love you!

puppy flu?

Is there such a thing as the puppy flu? If there is a think that Piper might have caught it; and we may have to not play with strangers for awhile to keep it at bay. Both yesterday and today she has gotten sick to her stomach; poor little girl… I feel so bad for her and the puppy dog eyes don’t help one bit. The clean-up has been challenging to say the least, my stomach is weak when it comes to this to begin with but add pregnancy and I am sure it’s quite a sight. But with patience and a little gagging of my own we are managing…

Two of my most recent favorites of her…

mid scratch but I still love her face in this one- it reminds me of when she was a puppy :-)

Baby Update

Below is the latest baby bump pic, taken yesterday at 22 weeks and a few days. As you can see things are progressing. I looked at Jamie yesterday and said “I think this shirt makes me look really pregnant” he looked at me and said “honey, I think you just look really pregnant. We have now gotten past the point where people are guessing if you are putting on weight or if you are actually pregnant.” Thanks dear husband, I guess this is true but I am sure going to miss my toes when they disappear…

There have been so many new things going on during the second trimester that I don’t know where to begin so here’s a short list of things I have learned thus far…
-Focusing on any one thing is still difficult, not sure that I could handle long term adult ADD very well.
-I am good at nesting and I love it! Things are getting checked off of lists right and left at the Perreault household- yippee!
-I am a klutz normally but pregnancy makes me an ubber-klutz. So far I have only broken two things beyond repair (a bowl and a small glass) but I have tripped and almost fallen over more times than I can count.
-When this kid is hungry, he tells me. You can hear my stomach growl from across the room. He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, I am not sure that I have ever consumed this much protein in my life.
-Bending has become more challenging, but it is easier if you make silly groaning noises when you do bend.
-The flood gates can open at anytime for any reason and stop at anytime for any reason.
-It is not the most amazing thing to feel your child move inside of you, it is when you get to see your husband feel it too!