Halloween Recap

I know that this holiday has gone and passed us by but I have too many pictures not to post about it. In general I don’t much care for Halloween. I am not all about jumping on board with a holiday who’s primary joy is frightening people (I scare easily by the way and don’t enjoy it). I also don’t think that just because it is Halloween that anyone and everyone should be given a free pass to look like a tramp- via naughty nurse, french maid, or scandalous witch; however, that is a whole other post in itself.

Jamie and I participated in many non-scary holiday related activities and had a blast!! We hosted a pumpkin carvin’ party at our place on Friday- thanks to all who came, it was fun. We also went out to the St. Luke’s trunk or treat on Saturday to see my favorite little lobster and his chefs and then came home and passed out candy with our neighbors on their porch. We didn’t get many kids that night but there was a Tigger that stopped by that made sitting out there all night worth while- he was sooo cute.
Hope your fright-night festivities were just as fun as ours, enjoy the pictures…

some of our carvin’ participants, busy in the planning stages

cleaning out the inside of our pumpkin so my dear hubby didn’t have to get his hands dirty :-)

the finished products- Grim Reaper, Stork, FL Gator (not ours btw), and the nickelodeon character- Binya Binya Pollywog

a close up of our stork, sorry you cannot see his legs

Piper posing with me in my pumpkin outfit

do you need an explanation?

my favorite “dish” around and his amazing chefs



one of Leyton and Madison (Leyton’s friend)- this is what I think they are saying…
M: “What have our parents done to us this time??”
L: “Don’t know, but you have funny things strapped to your back”
M: “Me, you’re talking about me?? YOU have four eyes right now buddy”

2 thoughts on “Halloween Recap

  1. That picture made my day! That is so sweet, thanks for posting and I'm sure that is exactly what they are saying! :) I am so there with you about never really liking Halloween, but I have to say I loved it this year. Become a mommy and Halloween becomes so much more fun!


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