I forgot my purse at the Doctor’s office today, yup- walked out, drove home and then realized that I didn’t have it. I know that they say pregnancy can make you forgetful, but really?? The office was really great about it, they held it until I got there and I even shared a laugh with the girl at the front desk regarding my airheadedness. My excuse for forgetting it is going to be that I was too preoccupied with news that everything looks great with our little man (and me too). My blood pressure is great, my weight is right where it should be (or possibly even less), he is measuring right on track, his heartbeat sounded wonderful and I was even able to decipher (with help from our wonderful doctor) which lump was a head, a back and his feet. So much fun… have I mentioned I love him??

Enjoy a laugh on my behalf, seriously forgetfulness at it’s finest, and have a great Monday…

Latest Belly Picture- 32 Weeks, 8 more to go

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