4 years- WOW!

Four years ago tonight I meet up with a dear friend from school- Lisa, Lisa’s husband- Fernando, my father-in-law- George (who I only knew a the time as a former administrator at my high school) and my now husband- Jamie. This was the first time we had met, and it was over wings and beer at Ker’s Wing House- romantic isn’t it? Lisa asked me about a week prior to this evening if I would be interested in meeting Jamie, to which I replied “Sure, what have I got to loose?”

I went to this “date” with an open mind and a friendly attitude; hoping to at least make a new friend. I had two beers (Bud Light, which I thought was good beer at the time- I had a lot to learn, I know) and maybe two wings- I wasn’t really hungry so I didn’t eat much and well, I sat and listened to the conversation going on around me. Jamie and I sat on far ends of the table during “dinner” and I am not sure that we uttered more than two maybe three sentences to each other throughout the night. However, after everyone else left we stayed and talked by my car for 2 or more hours- apparently he didn’t judge me too much for the lack of eating and my taste in beer :)
We go back every year on the 8th to celebrate our “first date” and to chow down on beer and wings (just Jamie participated in the beer drinking tonight). At the time I never would have guessed that we would be married within the next nine months or even dating for that matter; when I look back I cannot believe how far we have come! It really makes me appreciate dear friends and taking chances because when you think that you have nothing to loose you may in fact have everything and then some to gain…

just for fun- the oldest picture that I could find of us when looking tonight, it was taken when Jamie took me sailing on our first trip to Terra Ceia

picture of me and Jamie from last year’s Wing House anniversary dinner

a picture from tonight- I know, it’s fuzzy and not great but we were trying to take our own picture and be quick about it… maybe next year’s will turn out better

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