Goodbye 2009, Goodbye Feet…

I blinked and January happened; 2009 in all of it’s glory has passed me by along with the ability to see my feet. Yes, I am sure that this happened a while ago when I was not paying any attention however, just a few days ago I looked down and my toes were gone! I found this terribly amusing when it happened, why I am not really sure…

Honestly though, 2009 has been such a great year and I am sad to see it go. Jamie and I have been blessed in so many ways this past year with the ability to travel, to spend time with dear friends and family and with the little boy that is about to join our family. We are both looking forward to 2010 and everything thing that it will bring :-)
stay tuned for some catch up pictures… I only have a few dozen or so that need to be posted.

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