Christmas Tree hunting

Since I am about to take down all of my Christmas decorations (it’s on the list for this week) which means giving the old “heave ho” to the tree I thought that I should post some of the pictures that we took while getting it and putting it up. It was SUCH a great day, I had so much fun spending it with Jamie.

and the winner is…

this one!

both of us with our tree :-)
We pick up three trees (at least) every year and deliver them to various family members including my in-laws. This was our stop at their house to trim all of the trees and drop theirs off.

Jamie’s Dad- scary Chainsaw Man
lights, camera, action

decorating with ribbon- not a flattering angle but you can kind of see the bump

one of our super cute helpers
last but not least the ornaments and yes my favorite is the tinfoil cup one with Jamie’s young picture on it- I put it front and center at the top of the tree!!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree hunting

  1. what a beautiful post!!! Just think next year you will have another elf to help you with your tree and he will almost be a year old!! What a lucky little boy he is!!


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