a little less grumpy

I am grumpy and was grumpy when I wrote that last post- wanna know why? Because I have a cold- an old fashioned stuffy nose, sore throat, ears popping head cold! So I apologize for the honesty of the last post, I didn’t realize that some of the ache that I was feeling was this wonderful head cold coming on…

I woke up this morning looking pretty pitiful, tired and having not slept much last night (no, I am not going to post a picture- if you need confirmation ask Jamie, he will tell you just how pitiful I was this morning). So as I contemplated rolling over and not getting out of bed today at all (except for bathroom breaks of course) the sweet little boy that is growing inside of me rolled over, kicked a few times (gently) and said good morning… I am in love and slightly less grumpy now…

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