outside bath tub

This summer has been hot! I mean stand outside for 2 minutes, don’t move an inch and come in drenched in sweat- hot! So in an effort to stay cool we have pulled out the kiddie pool on many occasions. Some of our “swims” have been midday affairs in that time between lunch and afternoon naps while more frequently it gets pulled out after supper but before baths. Both boys love splashing around out there and since we don’t really care enough to change them into swim diapers before letting them splash we usually end up stripping off the super-huge water logged diapers and are left with two tiny skinny dippers. It’s a good thing we basically have a privacy fence out front otherwise I am not sure what our neighbors would think. I love so many of these photos that I took the other night when the boys were splashing around that I had a hard time narrowing it down much- be prepared for some ultra adorable summer night fun! Really Charlie’s faces are priceless in some of these :)

summer fun

We had some good friends over the other day to splash around in the front yard.  I searched for our sprinkler in the morning before they came over without success and realized when they were here that the kiddie pool needed a good scrub and the top ring wouldn’t stay blown up; however, none of these things mattered to the littles.  I can’t count the number of times they took running jumps into the pool (top ring deflated and all) and I am pretty sure that they enjoyed using the hose way more than they would have enjoyed the sprinkler.  It was a great morning with wonderful company and I hope we can do it again soon!

Eli’s faces are so funny; I think I did something wrong here in his opinion!

the running starts

Jay followed suit

this splash got my camera pretty good… and not the waterproof camera either

Staci’s oldest, Brock

water tables are meant to be sat in, right?

all four kiddos- Charlie was napping and baby Forman #4 doesn’t arrive until December ;)

Eli trying to get control of the three other crazy kids

are you ready???

Jay is turning into quite the little fish and while he isn’t really swimming on his own I wouldn’t doubt if he was by the end of the summer.  Jay loves to…

-jump off the side of the pool to people

-do “penguin” dives from the spa into the pool (it’s a little dive on his belly)

-stiff stiff (where Jamie, in the pool, holds his ankles and lifts Jay over his head until he drops him and Jay makes a huge splash)

-fly in the pool (think this but imagine a water landing)

-jump into the deep end while people are holding him (tandem jump)

-swim from person to person, which he can do if the people are about 6 feet apart

-hang from the edge of the pool by his arms and go all of the way around

-do “cannon-bobs” (a cannonball backflip launched by Jamie)

-take submarine rides (swimming underwater while riding piggy back on someone)

-have splashing wars with his brother (which makes Charlie laugh and squeal with delight)

However, my favorite part of it all is probably the super cute “ARRRRE you READY!!!” announcement every time he does a trick, especially if it is accompanied with the fist pump. Honestly, he is so fearless in the pool that it is a little unnerving.  So in an effort to prevent him from just leaping in without anyone knowing we make him ask before he does anything if the person he is going to jump/ swim/ dive to is ready.

All of it is precious and makes my heart full when I watch him enjoying every minute.  Fortunately for us we have a great pool within walking distance of the house- thanks Mimi and Pepere for making sure the admittance fee is reasonable ;)

I know that we will have plenty more underwater photos before the summer is through but here are a few that we took a couple weekends ago that I really like.  Enjoy!

this one isn’t actually underwater but Charlie is watching Jay swim and jump

stiff stiff - Jay has gotten stronger and Jamie can hold his ankes instead of his knees now which is harder

I LOVE this next one- they are like two peas in a pod, even their hair matches :)

"cannon-bob" pre-flight

"cannon-bob" landing

We did take some video too… although I am surely not together enough to get that up for you. Maybe I can get that up soon- subtle hint to my video guy ;)

flash forward

Jay is spending the day at my Mom’s Fun in the Sun Summer Camp.  I packed him a lunch and packed a few things for him in his “packpack” (backpack). When I saw him standing there this morning all ready to go I had just a glimpse of what it’s going to be like in a few years…  Not sure when he got so grown up!

being a ham for the camera…

A shot of his lunch- just because I have it :) “Happy Peanut Butter Quesdillas”, Blueberries, Cheese Stars and a mix of yogurt covered and plain raisins.

Oh, and can I just tell you how much it warmed my heart when he introduced himself to one of the teachers as “Jay Bird Puhwoh (his version of Perreault)”- love, love, love this kid!

summer has arrived

Aside from the 90 degree weather, another sure fire sign that summer is upon us is watermelon.  I ate so much of it the summer I was pregnant with Jay that I haven’t wanted much of it the last two summers however I seem to have finally gotten my taste for it back.I have grabbed some the last few times that I was at publix and we even scored a huge one for just $3 when we were at the blackberry patch (yay!!) so we have been enjoying it out in the front after supper.  I mean what could be a better end to the day then a super sticky kiddo covered in watermelon juice?

Charlie wanted a taste too…

So we gave him one ;)

last day, last group of photos

Shortly after dinner on our last night on the island Jay decided to march straight down to the beach. We weren’t sure what exactly he wanted to do down there but both Jamie and I followed (thankfully I grabbed our camera and Jamie was still in his bathing suit).  Jay decided to make an evening out of running up and down the beach, splashing in the waves until they were almost over his head (the reason I was thankful for Jamie still being in his bathing suit), digging holes and playing in the sand.  We let him stay up way later than we normally would have and I am so glad that we did.  We all had so much fun and I since I had the camera I got to capture some of my favorite memories from the trip.

Keep in mind that it was an impromptu beach trip, hence the huge sagging diaper that is in most of the photos.  When we knew we were staying for awhile Jamie ran up to the hotel and grabbed a swim diaper so Jay wouldn’t have to drag around an extra 5lbs for the rest of the night.

I will apologize right now for the excessive amount of photos that I am about to post. I told you that they are some of my favorites and I had a really hard time choosing just a few to post…

Jamie and Jay playing in the waves

I love my guys :)
running on the beach
more running

some paddle boarders and their puppy

Can you see the family resemblance? It's crazy to me sometimes how much they are alike!
more running with Daddy
tiny footprints
not super happy about getting knocked over by a wave
digging a hole

Daddy, Jay and their hole
deep holes are hard to climb out of

don't you just love his farmers tan?
taking a break

monkey see
monkey do!!
after-dinner beach walkers
Nicole and Jeremiah
making silly faces at the walkers
decorating Daddy- can you tell how much Daddy loves this?

splashin’ in the waves

When we were at the beach we spent a good portion of the time splashing in the relaxing waves, floating on Maggie’s endless supply of floats or playing Frisbee.  All of which I caught on camera- again, yahoo for the water camera!!

Mimi and Jay
Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy

Kenny, Aunt Holly and Maggie
love this one of Nicole!

a family shot!

this may not look like that great of a photo BUT there is a dolphin fin in the top left corner (yes, it is really small and hard to see but it's there)!!! That's what everyone was looking at...

Jay loved the Frisbee games.  He watched the first couple of games and then later on in the week he joined in with a little help from Jamie.  I wish you all could have seen his face and heard the squeals; he was having a grand time playing with everyone!

Jay's first toss
so excited to be included

Jay would get so sleepy after being out in the ocean for a while; with the rolling waves can you really blame him?  His eyes would start to get heavy and then he would rest his head on the shoulder of whomever was holding him.  One morning, mid-Frisbee game, he couldn’t resist actually falling asleep and crashed on Jamie for about 40 minutes.

getting sleepy
passed out
really, really passed out cold!

A few photos from after his nap; he woke up rather refreshed…

wearing Pepere's hat

Last but not least photos by Jay… the water camera is the only one that we really let Jay “play” with- it’s a whole lot more indestructible and far less expensive.  That being said here are a few of his masterpieces- I think we might have a budding photographer on our hands!

pool time at blue waters

Aside from lounging on the beach I am pretty sure that we spent the majority of our time hanging pool side while at Blue Waters. I think that by the end of the summer Jay might actually grow gills- seriously this little guys loves to swim! He hasn’t finished his swim lessons yet (we actually have quite a few more weeks left) but he can kick his little feet with the best of them.  Luckily Jamie thought to bring his underwater housing for our point and shoot camera so I was able to have a camera with me at all times- yea! Here are a handful of the photos that I got of people enjoying the pool.

our little fish- love how he you can see his smile in this one!
swimming to Mama
more swimming smiles
Maggie and Josh- posing underwater
even Grandpa took a dip in the pool!
Mimi and Grandpa
Maggie again :)
the steps of the pool were great for Jay; they had a big handrail and were really wide. He loved climbing in and out of the pool while we were swimming.


Jay "wearing" Daddy's sunglasses
more underwater posing
our fish swimming to the steps- and yes he actually would swim 2 or 3 feet on his own to the steps!

Jay really loved to hang out in the showers at Blue Waters, especially after he figured out how to use the foot sprayer all on his own.

shower fun

working the foot sprayer

love this one!

angel face

With the temperatures the way they are Jamie, Jay and I have spent a fair amount of time in the pool lately.  Two weekends ago we hung out with Kiley’s (an old high school friend of Jamie’s).  It was great to see them and for them to meet Jay.  We hung out in their pool for most of the afternoon and Jay flat-out crashed when we got home!  Jamie and I let him sleep for quite awhile but when he got within an hour of his bedtime we figured we that we needed to wake him so he could eat and get ready for bed again.  When we went into his room we could have marched in there will a full band and he wouldn’t have known the difference- sweet boy.  So of course, I grabbed my camera and got a few of his sweet angel face.  Makes me wish I could just crawl in there with him… love this kid!