sweet dreams

My little bird is not often still asleep when I head into his room after naps. However, this day he was snoozing away and when I realized it I quickly grabbed my camera to grab a few photos of his sweet little dreams. These photos are older (I think they are from last July- wow!) but I couldn’t resist sharing.

sweet dreams little one

sleeping Jay

sleeping Jay

sleeping Jay

sweet sleepy boy

I am not exactly sure when this happened, I think Jay must have been at camp, but a few weeks ago Charlie went down for his nap a little later than usual and since I didn’t want him to sleep all of the way into the afternoon and miss his afternoon nap I decided to go in and wake him up before it got too late. When I went in I am pretty sure I melted because this is what I saw…

A super sweet snoozing boy, just as peaceful as can be. I tip-toed back out to grab my camera and since he was sleeping so soundly I was able to even open the blinds a little to get some good photos without waking him up. So glad I did, I don’t often get to see the boys sleeping but I love it when I do.

Here he is snoozing and when he finally woke up- happy from the moment his eyes opened. Not really a shock here since he is rarely not smiling. Love, love, love this kiddo!!!

angel face

With the temperatures the way they are Jamie, Jay and I have spent a fair amount of time in the pool lately.  Two weekends ago we hung out with Kiley’s (an old high school friend of Jamie’s).  It was great to see them and for them to meet Jay.  We hung out in their pool for most of the afternoon and Jay flat-out crashed when we got home!  Jamie and I let him sleep for quite awhile but when he got within an hour of his bedtime we figured we that we needed to wake him so he could eat and get ready for bed again.  When we went into his room we could have marched in there will a full band and he wouldn’t have known the difference- sweet boy.  So of course, I grabbed my camera and got a few of his sweet angel face.  Makes me wish I could just crawl in there with him… love this kid!

you may have heard

that good sleep is not a regular thing around the Perreault household right now.  We are getting neither quality nor quantity right now; which when you are a person that needs sleep a whole awful lot (ie me and Jamie) it makes for a pretty stinky situation.  Here’s one of my coping methods…

Looking at these makes me realize that sleep is possible for our little Jay Bird- woohoo!  We are making progress, it’s slow but steady, and that’s progress none the less.