outside bath tub

This summer has been hot! I mean stand outside for 2 minutes, don’t move an inch and come in drenched in sweat- hot! So in an effort to stay cool we have pulled out the kiddie pool on many occasions. Some of our “swims” have been midday affairs in that time between lunch and afternoon naps while more frequently it gets pulled out after supper but before baths. Both boys love splashing around out there and since we don’t really care enough to change them into swim diapers before letting them splash we usually end up stripping off the super-huge water logged diapers and are left with two tiny skinny dippers. It’s a good thing we basically have a privacy fence out front otherwise I am not sure what our neighbors would think. I love so many of these photos that I took the other night when the boys were splashing around that I had a hard time narrowing it down much- be prepared for some ultra adorable summer night fun! Really Charlie’s faces are priceless in some of these :)

3 thoughts on “outside bath tub

  1. Charlie is such a face scruncher! So cute! It looks like he is getting used to having the camera in his face. I remember he was a little camera shy at first.


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