flash forward

Jay is spending the day at my Mom’s Fun in the Sun Summer Camp.  I packed him a lunch and packed a few things for him in his “packpack” (backpack). When I saw him standing there this morning all ready to go I had just a glimpse of what it’s going to be like in a few years…  Not sure when he got so grown up!

being a ham for the camera…

A shot of his lunch- just because I have it :) “Happy Peanut Butter Quesdillas”, Blueberries, Cheese Stars and a mix of yogurt covered and plain raisins.

Oh, and can I just tell you how much it warmed my heart when he introduced himself to one of the teachers as “Jay Bird Puhwoh (his version of Perreault)”- love, love, love this kid!

5 thoughts on “flash forward

  1. Jay had an awesome first day of summer camp!! He did everything the other kids did and loved every minute of it. It was just so much fun to spend time with him at camp!!!


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