summer has arrived

Aside from the 90 degree weather, another sure fire sign that summer is upon us is watermelon.  I ate so much of it the summer I was pregnant with Jay that I haven’t wanted much of it the last two summers however I seem to have finally gotten my taste for it back.I have grabbed some the last few times that I was at publix and we even scored a huge one for just $3 when we were at the blackberry patch (yay!!) so we have been enjoying it out in the front after supper.  I mean what could be a better end to the day then a super sticky kiddo covered in watermelon juice?

Charlie wanted a taste too…

So we gave him one ;)

2 thoughts on “summer has arrived

  1. I’m sure Charlie will love it like the rest of his family! Don’t you just love those curls on Jay’s head? I do!


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